Friday, July 19, 2024

Tyrant Biden Takes Auto Stupidity To Dangerous Levels

At this rate, Biden will try to tell Americans when to use the commode, how many sheets of toilet paper to use, and when to flush. Of course, his minions will explain that it’s all for our own good, but Biden’s reality has nothing to do with actual reality.

Mr. Potato Head’s newest blunder will have cars stacked up, rear-end collisions everywhere, and insurance companies licking their lips. Yep, leave it to Biden to stick his leftist-controlling nose into somewhere it doesn’t belong. With everything that needs his fleeting attention, Biden takes aim at everyday Americans’ ability to drive their own cars in peace.

Remember the infrastructure bill the administration rammed through in 2021 that had nothing to do with infrastructure? Well, one of the hidden gems in Biden’s “monetary transference bill” was a little-noticed provision requiring that virtually every vehicle sold in the U.S. must, by 2029, have an advanced automatic emergency braking system for “safety.”

Of course, our version of safety is much different than Potato Head’s. Biden confuses almost everything with either stupidity, denial, or control. In this case, he has combined all three. He denies the fact that Americans can and want to drive their own cars. Instead, he wants to implement government control by doing something unbelievably and recklessly stupid.

The proposed provision would mandate that all vehicles must come to a complete stop when reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour or when getting too close to the vehicle in front and slow down to 45 miles per hour when a pedestrian is detected. However, a coalition composed of the majority of major automakers is urging the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to review and reconsider the regulation.

First, they pointed out it is “practically impossible with available technology.”

The NHTSA only issued the ridiculous and dangerous rule in response to the provision in Biden’s “money transference” bill.

The industry trade group known as the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, consisting of manufacturers such as Ford, General Motors, Toyota, Stellantis, and others, sent an urgent warning about the rule to the NHTSA and the House and Senate Transportation Committees.

The group correctly pointed out that vehicles “automatically applying the brakes far in advance of what a typical driver and others on the road would expect” would cause more rear-end collisions.

The group went on to state that the NHTSA “vastly underestimated the necessary and costly hardware and software change required for vehicles to comply with the rule, something that will increase the cost of vehicles for consumers.”

Alliance for Automotive Innovation CEO John Bozzella informed Congress that the rule “will require more costly systems that won’t improve driver or pedestrian safety.” Here’s what I regrettably conclude will happen: driving AEB-equipped vehicles in the U.S. under NHTSA’s new standard will become unpredictable, erratic, and will frustrate or flummox drivers.”

Bozzella added, “Yes, this rule will make vehicles more expensive, but the real issue isn’t cost. It’s cost/benefit. NHTSA’s action will require more costly systems that won’t improve driver or pedestrian safety, which is why we are asking the agency to reopen the proceeding and make these necessary corrections.”

The very thought of cars locking up the brakes on a busy interstate should have been enough for these geniuses to never include this in the bill. As it is, a bill is already in the works for a kill switch to be added to every car to shut it down if the vehicle decides the driver is behaving erratically.

So, the car is going to decide if a driver is acting erratically. What we really need is a kill switch on this administration for when they act erratically, which means they won’t be able to initiate ridiculous control measures like this.