Thursday, July 25, 2024

Major Medical School Claims Timeliness, Individualism, And Professionalism Are Part Of White Supremacy

Imagine a medical school that believes being on time, acting professionally, and displaying individualism is a display of white supremacy. Duke Medical School claims it is “White supremacy culture” to expect people of color to be on time in a strategic plan for creating an “Anti-Racist Workforce.” 

The medical school states its goal is to “catalyze anti-racist practice through education.” In a 2021 plan titled “Dismantling Racism and Advancing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the School of Medicine,” the guide, which was praised by the school’s dean, called out what it deemed “White supremacy culture,” with its cherry-picking of being on time, dress code, speech, and work style. It also contains a series of negative terminology concerning white culture.

The document states:

“White supremacy culture is the idea (ideology) that White people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of white people are superior to people of color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs and actions.”

What this ridiculous theme is trying to imply is that basic common decency is racist and a sign of white supremacy. This is demeaning to people of color by attempting to say that the idea of being on time, acting professionally, and acting as an individual is a concept of the white race exclusively. It insinuates that people of color cannot achieve these basic acceptable traits of society. If I were a person of color, I would expose this charade for what it is and have all of those involved terminated.

The document goes on to state that America is rigged for the interests of White people, who get privileges, such as the “unquestioned and unearned set of advantages, entitlements, benefits and choices bestowed on people solely because they are White.” 

OK, again, anyone who shows up late, acts unprofessionally, and resists taking a stand when necessary will not advance as quickly. That goes for all races, including Whites! This is nothing more than divisive leftist propaganda, and it needs to be exposed.

“CRT scholars note that the social construction of race and racism is a regular component of American society; it is embedded in structures such as law, culture, and economics, which supports the interests of White people.” More lies spewed as fact that the guide claims in its definition of critical race theory. 

“In the workplace, white supremacy culture explicitly and implicitly privileges whiteness and discriminates against non-Western and non-white professionalism standards related to dress code, speech, work style, and timeliness. Some identifiable characteristics of this culture include perfectionism, belief that there’s only one right way, power hoarding, individualism, sense of urgency, and defensiveness.” 

Naturally, a radical left culture embedded this deeply starts at the top and is encouraged at every turn. So, it is no surprise that the Dean, Dr. Mary E. Klotman, was giddy over the guide reflecting the medical school’s “goals, priorities, and strategies.”

“Our plan for dismantling racism and advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion was created with an intentional and appropriate need for flexibility. As you read this plan, consider the actions you might take individually, with your teams, and in your local units to support our collective goals. Each of you will play an important role in advancing our mission to dismantle racism and promote equity, diversity, and inclusion at Duke and beyond.” 

The school even created a plan to create an “Anti-Racist Workforce.” Part of that mission included establishing recruitment pipelines at Historically Black Colleges, Universities, and community colleges. 

The document goes on to claim that white people are fragile when it comes to discussing racism. “White fragility” was coined by Robin DiAngelo in her 2018 book titled “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism.”

DiAngelo’s theories are classic projectionism combined with implied future defensiveness. She tries to justify her argument by claiming that White people have a limited understanding of racism as a systemic issue and often react defensively when their racial privilege or purported unconscious biases are highlighted. 

She is laying the groundwork by trying to sound knowledgeable about the nonexistent idea of systemic racism. Understand, leftists speak of their imaginary causes as though they exist. She then tries to fortify her delusion by stating that antiracists are those who “recognize their privilege and commit effort to work with oppressed groups in the struggle for justice.” 

It’s like saying, “See, I’m not the only one that believes this; those that are enlightened can also see it.” Translation: There are more moronic leftists out there that need a cause to cling to.

Here’s where leftists really think they’re clever. They try to dispel the conservative reaction into their thesis, even though it’s the correct response. The school’s guide claims that the White person may be triggered to engage in “a range of defensive actions, feelings, and behaviors, such as anger, fear, and silence” when discussions about racism come up.

In other words, if you’re accused of something that doesn’t exist, and you are defensive about being accused of a lie that clinches it, you’re a racist.

So, if you wrote a manual that stated all people of color felt inferior about not being white, and they were upset about that statement, that would make them both envious and racist.

“At the Duke University School of Medicine, we believe that equity, diversity, and inclusion are core elements of institutional excellence,” the university’s website states. “We are committed to developing and implementing a culture of inclusion in which faculty, staff, and students from underrepresented backgrounds experience a genuine sense of value, empowerment, and belonging.” 

Liberal schools are leaning hard into the ridiculous message that professionalism is racially biased. According to an article published in the far-left Stanford Social Innovation Review, “timeliness” is a product of capitalism and “professionalism, centers productivity over people, values time commitments, accomplishes tasks in a linear fashion, and often favors individuals who are white and Western.”

Not to be outdone, an article published in 2023,  by another liberal rag, the UCLA Law Review, calls professionalism a “racial construct.”

“It is that the standard itself is based on a set of beliefs grounded in racial subordination and white supremacy.  Through this analysis, professionalism is revealed to be a racial construct.”

Really, think about that. The very premise is laughable and is once again extremely prejudiced against anyone of color.

Fox News Digital contacted Duke’s medical school for comment and did not immediately receive a response.

Unfortunately, Duke Medical isn’t the only school that can’t see the forest for the CRT-DEI trees. In May, I wrote a column about the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, which has been a beacon of excellence in the state and the country but has seen a troubling decline in the quality of education in recent years.

This decline has been attributed to the actions of the Dean of Admissions, Jenifer Lucero. Administrators have noted a significant drop in student performance, with an unprecedented number of enrolled students failing to pass basic medical exams and struggling to keep up with the coursework.

Since the Supreme Court banned affirmative action in college admissions in Summer 2022, serious allegations have been leveled against Lucero, who assumed the role of dean of admissions in 2020. Her colleagues have accused her of placing diversity above merit. Despite California’s longstanding prohibition on considering race in admissions to public schools, she has allegedly found ways to favor certain groups, even if they fall short of the requirements.

The Washington Free Beacon reported on an incident that demonstrates Lucero’s thinking. In November 2021, a Black candidate applied to UCLA with test scores and grades well below the average. The admissions committee disagreed and argued that the candidate wasn’t a good fit.

Lucero, however, reprimanded the committee. “Did you not know that African American women are dying at a higher rate than everybody else?” Lucero said.

Lucero then argued that low grades and test scores shouldn’t matter too much, adding, “We need people like this in medical school.”

Let that reasoning sink in. According to Lucero, because African American women are dying at a high rate, she believes that there needs to be more black admissions. Yet, if they don’t possess the same abilities, how would that help the death rate? Lucero plans to flood the market with inadequate medical students; her only reasoning is that they are a certain race.

One former admissions staff member told the Washington Free Beacon that Lucero has facilitated the transformation of UCLA into a “failed medical school,” suggesting, “We want racial diversity so badly, we’re willing to cut corners to get it.”

According to the source, many individuals familiar with the situation stated that Lucero often accepts black and Latino applicants with lower scores while only admitting white and Asian applicants with exceptionally impressive qualifications. Denying these applicants would cause significant concern and draw attention to her actions.

Since Lucero was hired, UCLA has dropped from 6th to 18th place in the US News & World Report’s medical research rankings, and between 2019 and 2022, the number of Asian students declined by nearly a third.

“We are not consistent in the way we apply the metrics to these applicants,” one official wrote in an email to another committee member in response to Lucero’s comments.

“I wondered if this applicant had been a white male, or an Asian female for that matter, would we have had that much discussion,” the official stated.

Several university officials spoke with the outlet, saying Lucero “cut corners” to achieve racial diversity. “I have students on their rotation who don’t know anything,” one admissions committee member said. “People get in, and they struggle.”

The situation is so bad that another UCLA faculty member said, “I wouldn’t normally talk to a reporter. But there’s no way to stop this without embarrassing the medical school.”

The “Shelf test” results have fallen in recent years. The test, typically taken at the end of a clinical rotation, measures basic medical knowledge. More than 50 percent of students now fail emergency, family, internal medicine, and pediatrics tests.

The report states that these tests are typically taken at the end of clinical rotations and are crucial for residency applications. Nationally, the average fail rate for these tests is 5 percent. However, since 2020, data from the Washington Free Beacon shows that the failure rates at UCLA have increased tenfold in several subjects.

One professor described an operating room incident in which a student could not identify a major artery when asked. The professor said the student became angry and yelled, stating she had been put on the spot.

Another professor mentioned that by the end of their clinical rotations, some students could not present patients and lacked knowledge of basic lab tests.

“I don’t know how some of these students are going to be junior doctors,” the professor explained. “Faculty are seeing a shocking decline in knowledge of medical students.”

Radical leftism is a disease that, if left unchecked, will destroy our medical system. Imagine going to the doctor and feeling insecure about the care you will receive. Worse yet, imagine heading into surgery filled with terror.

It’s more than past time to stop the far-left radicals; they are destroying our most valued systems, and now our very lives are in danger.