Thursday, July 25, 2024

The GOP stands for nothing

The Republican National Convention (RNC) is set to kickoff in 5 days. Starting on June 15th, the Republican party will host tens of thousands of guests for four days in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Personally, I am attending the RNC as an Alternate Delegate for Louisiana’s 1st Congressional district. While I am excited to attend the RNC, I can’t help but share my disappointment with some of the recent developments surrounding the RNC.

On Monday, the Republican National Committee (RNC) approved the Republican party platform ahead of next week’s convention. You can read the party platform here if you’re curious.

For reference, here are the 20 commitments in the Republican party platform:

At the behest of the Trump campaign, the RNC controversially removed key socially-conservative positions from the GOP party platform. More specifically, the platform makes no mention of abortion restrictions nor any opposition of gay marriage.

On a similar note, Politico reported that the Trump campaign sought the removal of two pro-life RNC committeemen to propel the watered down language on abortion in the GOP platform:

Two hardline anti-abortion delegates to next week’s GOP platform committee have been stripped of their positions, according to several members of the Republican National Committee, underscoring a broader fear among evangelicals and other social conservatives that the party is poised to moderate its stance on abortion at the direction of former President Donald Trump.

The Trump campaign’s efforts to block the two South Carolina delegates from the platform committee and replace them with loyalists is described in several affidavits as “interference from paid RNC staff … to circumvent the will of the delegation.”

In the year 2024, the current Republican party’s platform is now further to the left on social issues than the Democrat party of 2010. In fact, Joe Biden and Barack Obama both publicly opposed gay marriage during the 2008 presidential election cycle.

We can see how Far-Left the Republican party has become on various social issues when compared to the recent past. According to Pew Research, 70% of Republicans opposed gay marriage. Now, about half of Republicans support gay marriage.

In the past decade, the Republican party has made marginal improvements (i.e. moved toward an “America First” position) on culturally conservative/nationalist issues—especially trade, immigration, and foreign policy. However, we have also witnessed a simultaneous backsliding on social conservative issues such as abortion and natural marriage.

If things couldn’t get bad enough with the RNC, the disappointment keeps piling on.

On a comical note, media personality Amber Rose announced that she will speak at next week’s RNC. Rose recently endorsed Donald Trump for President after calling Trump a “f***ing idiot” in 2016 and supporting the feminist & LGBT causes for many years. Additionally, Rose also authored a graphic book called How To Be a Bad B*tch and organized a public “slut walk” in 2015.

Apparently, the pro-life movement and social conservatives aren’t welcome in the Republican party or the MAGA movement anymore. Instead, radical leftists and degenerates are welcome to the party though. Such a disappointing turn of events.

What does the Republican stand for in 2024? Not much anymore. The Republican establishment continues to support giveaways to foreign actors, corporate tax cuts, and mass legal immigration (e.g. H-1B visas). On the flip side, the priorities of the “America First” movement keep getting pushed aside.

“America First” patriots aren’t getting much from the Republican party anymore. It’s a clown show here in the GOP, and I look forward to the day when the GOP resembles an “America First”, Christian-conservative party once again.