Thursday, July 25, 2024

Viganò Is One of the ‘Dramatic Examples’ People Need in This American Awakening

Americans, whether we choose to partake in the battle or not, are entrenched in an information war that is seeing the illusory framework of church and state crumbling more and more by the week.

The latest collision of these two supposed separate entities: the recent firestorm involving former Vatican ambassador to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. I wrote about this briefly last Friday but was obviously beholden emotionally to another obligation called my honeymoon, so I am expounding on it a bit today. Perhaps the most transferrable thing I said in that piece was the very conclusion.

The July 4th fireworks are going to continue well beyond the calendar date–and whether we’re Catholic or not and whether we like it or not, that will involve the ongoing collision between Rome and America.

The Viganò story is not just a story for Catholics out there in Rome somewhere. It is a bridge builder between our readers of different faiths, because everything I examine on a national level concerning the Deep State’s infiltration of American government and institutions is the corruption Viganò attacked when he was here as the US Nuncio.

It, he, is one of a growing number of dramatic examples–as fictional character Bruce Wayne puts it in the Dark Knight film series–that periodically pops up amidst the slower breadcrumbing of truth in a seemingly orchestrated process that is systematically waking up the world.

If you’re looking for a major dot to connect or reason to understand why he is different from say a Strickland, a Schneider or a Burke, he was the figure that uncovered child predator Theodore McCarrick–an American cardinal well-affiliated with some of the most notorious US politicians being named in crimes against children, not to mention the Vatican’s clandestine deals with Communist China. At best, if we want to sanitize the wording because the “child stuff” is still too much to digest or believe, he was affiliated with some of the most corrupt in American government.

In other words, Viganò was right here in the crosshairs of Deep State activity and was the front man in the fight against it, specifically calling for Francis to resign amidst a cover-up that goes back decades, even back to the wildly popular and beloved John Paul II, which is probably why so many Catholics ignore the issue. Confronting such a disturbing reality with Francis would mean having to confront the same question about a pope they trusted and built their faith around.

These are difficult truths, I know. These are truths I couldn’t come to terms with, not fully, when they first started popping up in 2002.

Here is ousted Texas bishop Joseph Strickland on the recent excommunication of Viganò and its connection to McCarrick:

Remember the major dot from above: McCarrick, through things like Francis and China, is a major cog in what Americans are coming to understand, because of the fallout of Covid and the “vaccine”–about the globalist plan for totalitarian control.

Add this piece to the puzzle and you see why and how the Catholic Church has been infiltrated and why the time-honored Traditional Mass has been under unprecedented attack under Francis.

See, they don’t want you to connect these dots.

It is exactly what Viganò is and has been spotlighting for years. Here is the archbishop speaking at the “First Health Holocaust Remembrance Day.” Perhaps not remarkably at all, his words were a haunting echo of cautionary words he has spoken all along, particularly in a June 2020 letter to President Trump that has proven to be prophetic indeed.

“We have seen doctors and paramedics killing frail and elderly people in intensive care through the use of anesthesia. We have seen rulers, magistrates, and police forces unleash an unprecedented criminalization of those who did not allow themselves to be “marked.” We know who is behind these people, who pays them, and who blackmails them: their names are well known. These murderers will soon find themselves answering for their crimes, if not before the tribunal of the world, then certainly before God, whom they hate and whom they would like to replace, in a mad delirium of omnipotence that is an inexorable prelude to their eternal defeat. The children of darkness, the conspirators of the World Economic Forum, and the globalist cabal want to establish the kingdom of the Antichrist on earth, as an obscene counterfeit of the Kingdom of Christ Our Lord.”

Fast forward a couple of weeks from Strickland’s X post above and you have him talking about the same double standard, the same two-tier system of justice, I have been writing about concerning America and connected to the Viganò story last Friday. Strickland’s words:

We find ourselves at a strange moment in Church history when Archbishop Viganò is excommunicated swiftly while Theodore McCarrick remains unexcommunicated after years of his crimes against the Church have come to light.

We should look closely at a Vatican that operates in this manner. Rather than addressing the serious questions and allegations Archbishop Viganò raises, he is summarily removed from the Church with an apparent motive to silence him. Meanwhile McCarrick and a lengthy list of others have promoted a culture that ignores or wants to change Church teachings and their voices are allowed and even overtly supported.

It seems we are left with only stones to cry out for justice because the voices of faithful disciples are mute, ignored, or even silenced.

From St. Pius V, by Roberto de Mattei, “The new pope appeared to be a man moved only by the desire to restore the ancient splendor of the Holy See by means of improving customs and battling against errors.”

May this quotation remind us that the “splendor of the Holy See” is always about the glory of Jesus Christ. There is no splendor without fidelity to Christ and the only value of worldly splendor is that it points us to God.

I had a conversation about all of this with some fellow Traditional Catholics two nights ago, and they were asking about why the Stricklands and Schneiders and Burkes of the world weren’t coming out as aggressively as Viganò is if indeed all of what he says is true. Perhaps it is a personality difference. Perhaps it is a calling from God difference. But the fact that is shown in Strickland’s letter above is that he agrees with my premise–regardless of the veracity of every little thing put out there by Viganò, are we not going to at least have a conversation about the double standard taking place here? Are we just going to condemn Viganò as being a schismatic and trust that “Pope Francis” knows what he’s doing when it comes to those pesky little child predators so as not to cause too much division in the Church?

I’m sorry, but that is an elephant in the room we simply cannot turn our eyes from anymore. Even the holiest of Catholic laymen must see that, or else risk losing credibility in the department of simple common sense.

Perhaps more telling than Strickland’s support of Viganò is the things gleaned from recent words of beloved Auxiliary Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Astana, Kazakhstan, another outspoken critic of Francis but one who is also critical of Viganò’s hard-line approach. His words are telling not because of his criticism of Viganò, which admittedly I respect even though I disagree with at this time, but because of his words tucked away at the bottom of the article I’m using as reference. These perhaps “hidden” words, to me, show an unintended duplicity in Schneider’s criticism and only further justify what it is Viganò is fighting against on our behalf:

“The Holy See is becoming an instrument of the global elites,” he said. “It is sad that this global new ideology managed to succeed to a great extent in taking the Catholic Church hostage and turning the Holy See and the episcopates into its collaborators.”

Um, yes, indeed. Global elites. Francis. St Gallen Mafia. Infiltration–the same infiltration America has seen in its institutions. The same globalist termites doing the damage.

Are we really going to listen without question to the Catholic commentators who, in their Herculean efforts to Pope-splain and condemn Viganò, are simultaneously shutting down the conversation and defense of these children, this woke and vile sexual deviancy broiling in the Vatican for years? Is that where our allegiance lies in the name of being a good and faithful Catholic?

It is exactly what the Viganòs, Trumps, Assanges, and a growing number of other bystander-heroes–true ass-kicking lightning rods–have been saying for years. These are things that, as great as he may have been, a Ron Paul simply didn’t understand about people and lasting change. People need dramatic examples to shake them from their lethargy, and usually those examples make us uncomfortable. And while I respect wholeheartedly the milder approach of the Ron Pauls and Schneiders and Stricklands of the world because often it is my own style as well as a teacher at heart, I also understand the societal phenomenon of single Crisis moments popping up amidst a series of Calms in brainwashing a population (see Covid and the fearmongering mainstream media’s orchestrated process of news dissemination with any given narrative over the last several decades). And as a result of that understanding, I further recognize that to reverse that diabolical trend back towards light and truth, the same population needs the hard hitters to shake them from their apathy–their periods of calm–from time to time. Slow, calm breadcrumbing of a society suffering from mass psychosis works only with the occasional boost from a “boom.”

Viganò is a “boom” figure precisely because of his affiliation with and love for America, whom he has served. When a Catholic clergyman is attacking Deep State strongholds like Covid and even the JFK assassination, anyone who has been steeped in this war for any period of time should at least be able to recognize that something here is trying to cover up something there, and it would be wise to find truth simply in that–the effort to censor–while it is admittedly difficult to prove every nuance Viganò is exploring.

I guess I’m simply asking readers to ask themselves a simple question and allow God’s unfolding of truth to go from there: What if Viganò’s right?

I know this is hard. But we have to go beyond the difficulty, beyond the cookie-cutter defense of the pope as an excuse while we pour all of our attention and family lives into worldly things. We have to defend Jesus Christ, which means rooting out the evil and corruption at its source. The good thing is that many of us are close to achieving such an advanced position in this war because we already understand the “red-pill, Deep State stuff” on an American institutional level. Now we simply have to connect a few dots to see where the story unfolding in Rome is very much a part of that.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.