Saturday, May 25, 2024

MIND WAR: Big Tech and the Censorship-Industrial Complex

Yes, this is war. A war for the mind. It isn’t official World War III, no. But make no mistake about what is at stake.

A new report on federal censorship of the American people–coined “The Censorship-Industrial Complex”–is the latest such information release that will do two necessary and complementary things.

One, nothing will result of this blatant warfare against the American people, not before a new president, justice department, and ________________________ is in place.

Two, and the fill for the blank above, a recognition by the American people of how utterly shattered is any semblance of a working democratic republic, and how utterly necessary it may be to just let the whole thing burn and prepare for a long, painful rebuild.

Here is the original press release, dated May 1:

Today, the House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government released an interim staff report titled, “The Censorship-Industrial Complex: How Top Biden White House Officials Coerced Big Tech to Censor Americans, True Information, and Critics of the Biden Administration.” The report details the monthslong campaign by the Biden White House to coerce large companies, namely Facebook, Google, and Amazon, to censor books, videos, posts, and other content online. By the end of 2021, Facebook, YouTube, and Amazon changed their content moderation policies in ways that were directly responsive to criticism from the Biden Administration. After reviewing tens of thousands of emails and nonpublic documents between the Biden White House and Big Tech, the Committee’s report reveals:

    • Big Tech changed their content moderation policies because of the Biden White House

    • The Biden White House’s censorship targeted true information, satire, and other content that did not violate the platforms’ policies

    • The Biden White House’s censorship campaign had a chilling effect on other speech

    • The White House had leverage because the companies had other policy concerns involving the Biden Administration

    • The Biden White House pushed censorship of books, not just social media

While the Biden White House’s pressure campaign largely succeeded, its effects were devastating. By suppressing free speech and intentionally distorting public debate in the modern town square, ideas and policies were no longer fairly tested and debated on their merits. The First Amendment prohibits the government from “abridging the freedom of speech.” Thus, “any law or government policy that reduces that freedom on the [social media] platforms . . . violates the First Amendment.” To inform potential legislation, the Committee and Select Subcommittee have been investigating the Executive Branch’s collusion with third party intermediaries to censor speech. The Committee and Select Subcommittee have uncovered other serious violations of the First Amendment throughout the Executive Branch during the Biden Administration.

Read the full interim staff report and appendix here.


Obviously no one is reading all 800 pages, but the press release and a quick scan of the first part of the document should tell the story. I suggest seeing the first few comments under the X post as well, which illustrate in quick fashion the Amazon, YouTube, and Facebook Files.

Trump talked about the danger of Facebook specifically in mid-March when the ban-TikTok story hit the House floor. It is all information we knew already, and we shouldn’t allow the lack of justice at this point in the game to deter us from believing in its eventual coming. Hope may be the only virtue we have left.

The aforementioned recognition by the American people won’t necessarily come from the “news” that the Deep State element inside American government illegally influenced companies that disseminate information to the public. Instead, the key piece here may be because of what came about mere hours later–a call from Rep Matt Gaetz to launch an investigation into intelligence agencies’ withholding of intelligence from President Trump, their spying on him using FISA, and perhaps best, the type of digital soldier research and addition you see from “THE WORLD IS WATCHING”:

Yes, by the way, that FISA.


Trump Has Always Said “We Caught Them All.” Now Justice Depends on Us

Yes, Sheer Absurdity Has Woken Up a Nation. Now What?

First Comes DC–Then Comes TikTok and Any Other Enemy

Given all of this, we’re supposed to believe the government has our best interest in mind with TikTok? Of course they’re going to hide behind enemy China. Congress’s work against the social media giant should make Americans at least take pause, most recently after today’s press release. Same thing with the attempt to pass legislation against anti-Semitism, which is a speech-paralyzing pejorative term all unto itself. The Deep State swamp is Enemy No. 1 the American people need to worry about, and here that enemy is determining who and what should be cancelled. It is absurdity more Americans must sniff out. Here is what we had to say back in mid-March:

The bottom line is this: If they’re going after TikTok so aggressively all of a sudden–in the election year of all election years–then they can go after the Xs and Rumbles of the world too. The fact that they are not going after Facebook and Instagram which allow and promote child trafficking should set up the lesson in a clear-as-day contrast for us. In the realm of justice in Washington, some people have to pay for their sins and some don’t. With TikTok, they are hoping to set a precedent to decide what is safe, what is truth, what is open to the American public to see. This move reeks of a red herring and slippery slope, and recognizing it as such will make it all the more glorious when the latest panic comes back around to smash them in the face.

It is a dangerous slippery slope, but it indeed can work to our advantage if we stay in the fight, if we keep up with the information and continue to put it all together. Here are a few key figures discussing the TikTok story, along with another development explored by Tucker Carlson. Consider it in light of today’s press release, not to mention everything Trump has been saying for years about spying:

Trump was asked about the TikTok ban when this story broke in mid-March:

Greg Kelly: “TikTok, the Republicans just voted – the Republicans and Democrats just voted — to ban it. You don’t think they should ban it right now?”

President Trump: “Well, I didn’t say anything other than you have to look at Facebook. Facebook is the enemy of the people. They did those lockboxes. They spent 500 million. You know, if you spent more than $5,600 or whatever the number is, if you spent a $100 more, they put you in prison for campaign violations. Right?

“Zuckerberg or Zuckerbucks, whatever you want to call them, is spending, the number is crazy. He’s spending $500 million in the last election and nothing happens to him. And that money is being passed all over the place, especially under lockboxes or so-called lockboxes because they’re not lockboxes. I call them open boxes. And I think that something has to be done with Facebook. And one thing I will say, I don’t want Facebook to get bigger because I think Facebook is an equal threat. And that includes with China. Because if China wants to know anything about what Facebook knows, they’re going to give them the information.”

Americans must see the Uniparty at work here.

All of this is why Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, as imperfect as it still is now as X, was such a turning point in the information/mind war. Stories like this never got any traction before they were either squashed outright or inundated with bot-induced fake comments that overwhelmingly favored the deception and mocked the truth. The Hunter Biden laptop story mere weeks before the 2020 Election is a quintessential example, though far from the only one.

There have been truth-tellers researching and trying their hardest to spread truth for a long time now. Perhaps the first wrecking ball friend to come our way this century was Donald Trump, who drew attention to the corruption of the swamp in a way that the gentler Ron Paul never did. People who wanted and still want Trump to just be nice do not remember that we have had bystander heroes attempt to wake us up in the past, and we simply haven’t been jolted from our slumber enough to listen.

It would take something primal, not superficial, in 2015 to build the resistance among the people that Trump built. He played on Americans’ primal anger and frustration with media and government in a way that no one had before, in a way that would actually impact an election, in a way that would create a movement that would last.

That is why the government-media apparatus, along with its Hollywood wingmen, hates him and spews the same attacks against him despite any lack of evidence.

Elon Musk has followed Trump as a recognizable soldier in this war of narratives. He is the type of voice we need, a credible one because of America’s conditioned worship of celebrity. It is a sad reality that it has taken two celebrities to reverse-infiltrate the system that was infested with vipers so long ago. It has taken two real-life caricatures a largely shallow American culture could recognize and identify with in order to get us to trust the truth.

Given the more open flow of information on the electronic battlefield the last two years, it is probably a good thing that so many Americans will look at the “news” from today and just shrug their shoulders. The truth is becoming much less spicy and conspiratorial. It is moving more and more in the direction of the mundane, even though no justice is occurring at the moment. It is a good guess that this emotionless attitude toward said truth will translate to an equally emotionless attitude toward justice for the criminals when that time comes. Bloody revolution may not be necessary if people simply accept the heavy hand that is expected to land on the villains of this horror movie in the coming years.

Pray and fast in the meantime as we learn in the story of Jonas and Ninive, and perhaps God will lighten the scourge on those who have tried to care.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.