Friday, May 24, 2024

These Methods Reveal Whether Your Child’s Teacher is Woke

In hindsight, I should have published this column about woke teachers two months ago.

But better late than never.

K-12 and college students are well into their 2022-2023 school years. It’s never too late to use certain techniques to find out if your child’s teacher is politically woke. It’s never too late to determine if your child’s teacher wants to use (or misuse) his or her platform to teach your children about pronouns and white privilege or indoctrinate them into progressive politics.

Odds are the teacher desperately doesn’t want you — the parent — to discover his or her activities.

Consider this column a primer on (a) how to find out if your child’s teacher or professor is woke and (b) what do to do if your worst fears prove true.

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There are always the obvious methods: ask to see your child’s school textbooks, lesson plans, homework, etc., and talk with your child about what he or she learned in school that day. And if your 18–22-year-old child says his school life is his or her business, then, well, you’ve hit a brick wall….assuming you aren’t paying for your child’s books, rent, and/or tuition.

But K-12 teachers and college professors seem extremely comfortable using their social media pages to brag about their classroom priorities. It’s ego. And, when it comes to determining whether your child’s teacher is woke, there are the less obvious methods.

Does your child’s teacher have a YouTube channel? It never hurts to check.

What about a TikTok?

As I wrote in July, public-school teachers go to TikTok to confess to a litany of sins they inflict upon children that they would never dare reveal to parents. There you will find early childhood educators who stress why it’s supposedly so crucial to teach preschoolers about gender and sexuality. There you will find footage of a drag queen, in costume, promoting his lifestyle at an Episcopalian school in New York City.

Does your child’s teacher or professor have a Twitter feed? Go to the Twitter search engine and look. School district policy restricts some K-12 teachers from expressing their political views on social media. College professors, however, are bound by no such rules.

Professors generally assume parents aren’t cool enough to have a Twitter and that anything they say or do on social media will go unnoticed by anyone other than their groupie students and leftist colleagues. Surprise them.

You could also follow your child’s teacher on Facebook, but those same teachers are more likely to limit their political posts to friends only.

If your investigations confirm that the teacher is, in fact, woke and is, in fact, violating professional boundaries then you have options. Contact your local school board member. Contact conservative media. Contact Moms for Liberty

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If it’s a college professor, then contact the more conservative legislators in that state. They control the purse strings to the college and can help reign in any universities that teach young adults not how to think but what to think. Contact the college’s alumni association and the donors — certainly there are more than a few conservatives among them.

Or collect the college professor’s more outrageous social media posts and send them to the website Campus Reform. They love to expose leftist college professors.

These methods may not get you anywhere — at least not at first. 

But you have planted a seed that will alert other parents to what’s happening. Over time, people will organize, and that seed could grow into a much larger movement.

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