Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Feminist Writer Has A Shocking Proposal About The Family

Next week, feminist author Sophie Lewis is releasing her latest book. The book is titled “Abolish The Family” with the subtitle “A Manifesto for Care and Liberation.”

According to a summary of the book on the publisher’s website, “Even in so-called happy families, the unpaid, unacknowledged work that it takes to raise children and care for each other is endless and exhausting. It could be otherwise: in this urgent, incisive polemic, leading feminist critic Sophie Lewis makes the case for family abolition.”

The publisher’s summary of the book goes to document a history of family abolition demands. It is no coincidence that many of the proponents of family abolition are communists and socialists.

Who is Sophie Lewis? According to her Patreon, she is an unpaid scholar at The Alice Paul Center for Research on Gender, Sexuality and Women at the University of Pennsylvania. She also teaches at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. She also describes herself as a “financially struggling writer” and has been published at numerous far-left publications. Currently, she has 289 “patrons” giving her $1,126 per month.

Sophie Lewis may be a far-left rando but the goal of family abolition or “disrupting the nuclear family” is a goal of the Marxist left. The Marxist-run organization Black Lives Matter had as one of its goals the condemnation of the “Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” That was until BLM scrubbed the section on the family from their website.

Why does the Marxist left want to abolish the family? Because it is one of the three pillars of authority outside of the control of the state, along with the church and civic organizations. People build a sense of community through those three pillars. If they cannot build a sense of community through those three pillars, they will instead turn towards the centralized state to build that sense of community. By destroying the family, along with the church and civil society, the neocommunist left are able to increase the power of the state and its control over all aspects of life.

Revivalism must be pro-family. Rebuilding the American family must be a major component of this project. Not only because a strong family is an important component of human flourishing but because the cause of individual freedom demands it.