Sunday, May 19, 2024

Brazen Beijing opens secret police post in NYC

As incredible as it sounds, the Chinese government is apparently operating dozens of “overseas police service centers” in at least 54 countries, including one in New York City.

A September report from Safeguard Defenders, a human rights group based in Madrid, Spain, first reported the existence of these posts across five continents, “some of which are implicated in collaborating with Chinese police in carrying out policing operations on foreign soil.”

In other words, a blatant attempt to circumvent and overrule any and all laws of the host countries where these posts exist, with nary a mention of international police or judicial cooperation.

Safeguard Defenders also discovered a new law that takes effect December 1 that, according to Beijing, “establishes full extraterritoriality over Chinese and foreigners globally for certain crimes.”

The group also discovered that between April, 2021, and July of this year alone, a shocking number of 230,000 Chinese nationals were returned to China to face potential criminal charges, primarily through the mass use of *persuasion to return* methods. These methods often include threats and harassment to family members back home in China or directly to the Chinese citizen being monitored abroad either through online or physical means.

It wasn’t until Nov. 17 during a Senate Homeland Security Committee discussion between GOP Florida Sen. Rick Scott and FBI Director Christopher Wray that the issue was brought to light.

“It’s been reported that the Chinese Communist Party is operating police stations in the United States in an effort to surveil Chinese dissidents,” Scott. “It seems obvious the U.S. shouldn’t allow its most significant geopolitical rival, an oppressive communist regime, to establish police stations in the U.S. What authority or jurisdiction does the CCP have in the U.S.?”

None whatsoever, Sen. Scott, but we certainly can’t count on the Biden administration to do anything about it. It wasn’t made clear what the FBI intends to do about it either.

Wray responded that he was “very concerned” about reports of the stations, which he characterized as part of a “clear pattern” of Beijing “exporting their repression.”

No kidding. And why haven’t they (assuming there are very likely more than one) been shut down by now? Again, look at who’s currently puttering around the White House and the answer is clear. It would come as no surprise if we were to learn that Joe Biden knew about illegal policing by the CCP since its inception or perhaps even authorized it.

Wray added that there have been multiple instances of the Chinese “engaging in uncoordinated law, quote unquote, law enforcement action, right here in the United States, harassing, stalking, surveilling, blackmailing people who they just don’t like or who disagree with the Xi regime. We’ve also had situations where they’ve planted bugs inside Americans’ cars.”

Again, what is the FBI doing about this situation, other than keeping out of the press?

The Chinese government has of course rejected the mounting allegations of having overseas police stations and our current president doesn’t have the guts to even mention the problem (as he probably doesn’t see it as a problem). Surely he knows, or perhaps he’s just forgotten. How convenient that would be.

Inexplicably, it doesn’t appear likely that the FBI plans to take any sort of definitive action anytime soon either.

But now that Sen. Scott knows, let’s hope he will spread the word and lead the way to shutting down this Big Apple spy post and all the others yet to be discovered.