Friday, April 12, 2024

Book Recommendations for 2023

If you’ve read my articles for a while, then you should know by that I am major fan of reading. In 2022, I read a couple dozen books on a variety of topics–including theology, politics, and history.

With a new year upon us, I decided to recommend some of my favorite books that I read in the past year. With that, here are three interesting books you should add to your reading list for 2023!

1. The Case for Christian Nationalism by Stephen Wolfe

Back in November 2022, writer and academic Stephen Wolfe released his first-ever book: The Case for Christian Nationalism. The book did so well at its launch that it entered the top #100 in Amazon bookstore. Quite an accomplishment indeed!

In my humble opinion, Wolfe’s book is the ultimate analysis on the growing Christian nationalist movement in America, and it quickly became one of my favorite books from 2022. Consequently, I have recommended this book to many people–especially for Conservative Christians who are interested in politics.

Earlier this month, I published an article about Wolfe’s book and Andrew Torba’s book Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide For Taking Dominion And Discipling Nation. So, make sure that excellent article here when you get a chance.

2. The Great Betrayal by Patrick J Buchanan

“America First” legend, political commentator, and author Pat Buchanan wrote the classic The Great Betrayal in 1998–during the waning years of the Clinton administration. Pat Buchanan’s most well-known works are usually Death of West or Suicide of a Superpower–which are both great books. However, The Great Betrayal is a hidden gem closer to the beginning of Buchanan’s writing career.

Personally, this book played a huge role in pivoting my understanding of what an “America First” version of economics would look like. For many decades, conservatives have falsely believed that “free trade”/Libertarian economics is what made Americans so wealthy and prosperous. However, The Great Betrayal provides the authentic history of American economics–namely that protectionist trade policies (i.e tariffs) built America into the world’s economic superpower.

Besides discussing history, Buchanan’s books also highlights how Free Trade policies like NAFTA and TPP decimated our nation’s Manufacturing base and offshored millions of well-paying jobs in Middle America to foreign nations.

At this point, you can probably tell that I enjoyed reading this book, and I hope you get a copy to read as well!

3. Open Borders Inc by Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is another legendary “America First” writer on this list. Back in October, Malkin announced her retirement from political writing after an illustrious career. Here is a RVIVR article that I wrote on her retirement. Nevertheless, you can still go pick a copy of one Malkin’s incredible books. In today’s post, I wanted to recommend her 2019 book Open Borders Inc.

In this book, Michelle Malkin “blew the whistle” on the different organizations promoting the demographic destruction of America through mass immigration. Organizations like George Soros’s Open Society Foundation to Catholic Charities and many more in-between are aiding illegal aliens in their attempts to invade our nation. Malkin does not sugar-coat the crisis at the Southern border in her writing, so this book is a must-read for anyone wanting to better understand the crisis occurring at America’s Southern Border.

Malkin’s book truly cemented my conviction that immigration is the defining political issue in America, and you will probably think the same way after reading Open Borders Inc.

*Note of reference: all three of these books are widely available for purchase online through Amazon and other online booksellers.