Saturday, May 18, 2024

You Won’t Believe the Garbage That Facebook Allows Now

One Facebook ad I saw a year or so ago encouraged users to network with one another and do hippie things…like grow a vegetable garden.

Another Facebook ad urged people to use the social network to foster unity or some such gobbledygook. You know, gather in the woods, hug, smoke a peace pipe, and sing Kumbaya.

Before too long, perhaps we’ll see Facebook ads that feature grown woke men in onesies sipping hot cocoa?

Personally, I’d rather visit Facebook to post news articles. I especially enjoy posting the latest on President Biden’s degenerate son Hunter. But by doing so, at least according to Facebook’s Community Standards, I spread hate, and I divide the community. And worst of all, I publish “disinformation.” 

And then I go to Facebook Jail I go for 10 or more days.

(By the way, the trick to surviving Facebook Jail is to find another inmate and beat him up on the first day. The other inmates will then respect you.)

Facebook clearly wants to clamp down on the free exchange of ideas and information…for peace, love, and harmony. So, if that’s true, why did an anonymous woman on a local Facebook group post a photo of a man I know from my hometown and tag him as a rapist?

The man denies the claim. No law enforcement agency ever charged him with that alleged crime. No legal documents exist that even accuse him of the alleged crime. The anonymous woman provided not one shred of evidence to back up her claim.

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Fortunately, the man contacted an attorney, and that attorney… shall we say…compelled…the admins of this local Facebook group to remove the defamatory post.

Facebook moderators, however, should have intervened before it got this far. But they didn’t.

The group in question, Are We Dating The Same Guy, is one of many that have sprung up in different regions of the United States.

According to the rules of one such group, straight men aren’t permitted to join. The group is for “girls, gays, and theys only.”

(Wait…isn’t that discrimination?)

In these groups, women post photos of local men they have dated or are currently dating and try to make certain other women aren’t also in courtship with their fella. But that’s not all they do.

In these Facebook groups, women tarnish and defame local men, by name, as cheaters, alcoholics, abusers, gamblers, drug addicts, and prone to violence.

Women who post to these groups defend their actions. They say the justice system failed them and that women who once feared their abusers may now finally stand up for themselves.

I have zero doubt that there are men out there who cheat on women and mentally and physically abuse their wives and significant others.

But what about due process? What about the rights of accused men who are innocent? What about not posting this stuff online unless the victim formally accused the man in the public record (a police report or court documents)?

By not requiring the admins of these pages to at least follow those basic standards, Facebook creates a toxic and counterproductive environment where hurt and embittered women go not to heal but instead feed off each other’s anger. This hurts men. This hurts women.

Groups like these are ripe for abuse.

And Facebook does nothing.

When couples I know break up, one or both parties tell wildly contrasting accounts of what happened. I don’t care to hear them. Breakups are messy. I assume both parties exaggerate. The truth is probably somewhere in between. 

Many men I know swear they were faithful to their ex-wives or girlfriends and treated them with kindness and respect. But after the breakup these men said their exes took to Facebook to peddle far-fetched and libelous claims about them, usually out of revenge for ending the relationship.

Do the words “Amber” and “Heard’ mean anything?

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According to the Center for Prosecutor Integrity, 8 percent of Americans report being falsely accused of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, or other forms of abuse. In 62 percent of cases, the false accusers were females.

The survey found a sharp gender divide – 11 percent of men, compared to 6 percent of women — reported being falsely accused.

“False allegations harm the social standing, career prospects, and mental health of the accused; diminish the credibility of future victims; and undermine the integrity of our legal system” the website reported.

Men, meanwhile, have retaliated by forming Facebook groups of their own where they post photos of women and pick them apart for things that are or are not true.

This is a slippery slope…and, again, Facebook moderators look the other way.

Meanwhile, I still cannot post anything about Hunter Biden.

If any of Hunter’s exes want to go on Facebook to say anything bad about him then will Facebook allow it?

I don’t think that even Batman could solve that riddle.

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