Saturday, May 25, 2024
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Trump Has Weaknesses, So Does DeSantis

In 2024, Republican voters will choose between Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis…barring any unexpected events, of course.

Trump and DeSantis each have their share of pluses and minuses.

Trump is like Moe Greene from The Godfather. He’s a braggart. He’s insecure. He lacks discipline. He runs his mouth when he shouldn’t.

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But Trump’s wealthy enough that he’s not beholden to any wealthy special interests and won’t take orders from them. That’s why the establishment has done so many dirty, sleazy, underhanded things to try to destroy him. Obviously, a lot of wealthy special interests don’t have the best interests of middle-class folks at heart.

Too much crony capitalism exists between government and rich people. Middle class people get the shaft. Wealthy people want more illegal immigrants for cheap labor and to come in and radically change our culture. Middle class people get screwed.

Wealthy people close factories and relocate them to a foreign country for cheaper labor. Again, middle class people get a raw deal.

Wealthy people want big government and crony capitalism, like Obamacare, because it feeds their bottom line. Wealthy people who oversee certain industries enjoy the protections they have from government monopolies. When’s the last time you had good customer service from your cable or Internet provider? You can’t remember, can you? Again, middle class people get screwed. They pay higher insurance premiums for fewer benefits. They lose their tempers on the phone and curse the guy who works at Comcast.  

Ron DeSantis has none of Trump’s personal or character faults — none that we know of, at least, but the establishment press will spare no effort to find out. DeSantis also doesn’t have Trump’s money. Therefore, he must make himself beholden to rich people, some of whom are probably woke idiots in gated communities who shelter themselves from the harsh realities of life. If elected, DeSantis must take orders from them.

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Politicians and the System want to keep the rich happy, the poor forever dependent on government (to get votes) ….and the middle class to live under the illusion they hold any kind of say over what happens in Washington, D.C.

So, when it comes to Trump vs. DeSantis, many conservatives don’t know which way to go.

With that said, a lot could change in one year. Another lesser-known GOP candidate could emerge and wow all of us, so much so we decide to go with him or her.

Readers, what are you thinking?

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