Sunday, July 21, 2024
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We Need One Final Dirty Harry Movie (and 11 Other Thoughts)

WRITER’S NOTE: Dirty Harry is one of the greatest movies ever made. The world is run by morons. The media is too lazy or too partisan to ask certain questions or to report certain facts. People who work in government and legacy media are too stupid or too sheltered to understand certain things…or maybe they do understand, and this is all part of some elaborate plan? 

• Amy Winehouse had more self-restraint and self-discipline than most of the politicians we send to Washington, D.C. 

• Grassroots Republicans want someone like Rambo to represent them in Washington, D.C. They do not want someone like Mr. Rogers

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• Detroit is the logical endpoint for liberalism when there is NO conservative dissent to get in the way! 

• Why are all the overweight people in movies portrayed as stupid and clumsy? Do overweight people not have lobbyists? 

• Anytime the establishment press disapproves of a specific political concept — usually something coming from a Republican — they precede it with the adjective “so-called.” 

• In hindsight, and contrary to what we were promised many years ago, people did not use the Internet to improve mankind. 

• If the term “Karen” is like a racial slur then does that mean only “Karens” are allowed to say it? 

• Think about all the extraterrestrials who are monitoring our radio and television signals right now. Can you imagine what they think of us?!? 

• I recently covered an event that featured a well-known liberal-progressive United States senator. Upon hearing his name, one of the other reporters in the press box with me said “Yay” and applauded him.  

• It’s always amusing to watch woke idiots in the media vilify cops, parrot the Defund the Police narrative, and then three years later scratch their heads and ask “How come nobody wants to be a cop? 

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• Clint Eastwood is still alive. With San Francisco in the rotten condition it’s in, we need one final Dirty Harry movie. The plot: Dirty Harry vs. Antifa. As he did in the first Dirty Harry picture, Harry Callahan could even square off against that city’s idiot mayor. 

• Poor neighborhoods are full of police cruisers because that’s where the most crime takes place. Rich neighborhoods are full of squad cars because the people who live there have political clout and want speed limits enforced. You will rarely find patrol cars in middle class neighborhoods. 

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