Monday, May 20, 2024
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Grassroots GOP Voters Must Do One Thing to Survive

The complete and total disconnect between the needs, wants, and concerns of the wealthy and powerful GOP donor class vs. the needs, wants, and concerns of the grassroots GOP voters has never been more obvious.

We are only 14-and-a-half months away from a major election. That election will determine who controls the White House and both chambers of Congress. 

Now is the time for grassroots and middle class GOP voters to flex their muscles. 

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Now is the time for grassroots and middle class GOP voters to confront all Republican candidates, incumbents or otherwise. They must do so in person and remind those candidates that grassroots voters still exist and ask those candidates hard questions. 

Now is the time for grassroots GOP voters to force candidates to pledge they won’t act as puppets for elite GOP donors who live in gated communities. These wealthy donors, of course, are as far removed from the needs, wants, and concerns of middle-class voters as Mr. Rogers’ virtue is from Charlie Sheen’s debauchery. These wealthy donors want more taxpayer money to go to countries overseas. These wealthy donors don’t care if American jobs get exported to Mexico.  

Now is the time for middle-class voters to form their own powerful political lobby. Electricity costs are surging. Members of the middle class now pay twice as much for groceries and gasoline as they did under President Trump.

Middle-class voters have a vested interest in defeating as many RINOs as possible and replacing them with America First candidates. They are doubtless happy to donate to such a lobby. This, to make America a more prosperous nation for them and their children.

I like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. But he would rubber stamp a wealthy GOP donor’s best interest, at the expense of middle-class voters. He and other candidates care more about listening to out-of-touch consultants and their silly focus groups. These consultants and focus groups tell candidates what to say. They tell them how to dress. They tell them what facial expressions to have and how to act other than their authentic selves.

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To quote Richard Pryor, middle-class voters right now are “pi$$ed the **** off.” That, in a nutshell, is why Trump is still so popular, despite his character flaws. He won’t do what a wealthy donor or a consultant orders him to do.

No amount of corporate money or negative press from corporate media will change how middle class conservatives feel about Trump. And all those impeachments and indictments of Trump only reinforce their beliefs that elitists are conspiring against their best interests.

How do middle-class Republicans pull this off?

I share my suggestions in this follow-up piece.

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