Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Seven Ways Middle-Class Voters Can Fight for Their Best Interests

Middle-class voters must pool their resources (money) and form their own political lobby, as I said last weekend.

Middle-class voters must form a political lobby to counteract the pernicious effects of out-of-touch wealthy people owning and controlling equally out-of-touch (and likely corrupt) politicians. 

There’s nothing wrong with wealth. There’s nothing wrong with wealthy people donating to political candidates, provided they do so within legally proscribed limits. Most wealthy people work hard and earned their money. 

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But wealth changes people. Wealth can compromise a person’s morals and sense of propriety in life. How many times, for instance, have you seen a middle-class couple elevate to wealth and then divorce because the husband’s money attracted loose women and so the husband cheated? 

Keep in mind I did not say that wealth DOES corrupt a person. I merely said it can. Wealth can also make you lose sight of the crap that lower- and middle-class voters must endure day in and day out.

A political lobby for middle-class voters makes sense. 

There are more middle-class voters than there are wealthy voters.

Here are seven helpful suggestions to make such a middle-class lobby politically viable. 

• Confront politicians on the stump but use diplomacy. Tell them outright “I think you take your marching orders from wealthy donors, and you don’t give a **** about the needs, wants and best interests of middle-class people and you are completely out of touch. Am I right?” 

• Put politicians on defense. Force them to answer your questions about their priorities and how much more loyal they are to wealthy donors than they are you.

• Get social media savvy. Take out your iPhone. Record these dipstick politicians and how they respond to your questions. Upload those videos to social media. Use the internet to coordinate with other frustrated middle-class folks. These efforts can go a long way to influence people.

• Prepare for the establishment press to dish out nasty narratives that your America First, pro-middle class needs and wants are somehow racially motivated. That narrative is, of course, preposterous, but it’s designed to intimidate you and shut you up. Rebut that narrative. Appeal to the public’s logic and common sense. 

• Make sure the leaders of this lobby are articulate, media savvy, present well on radio and television and have clean backgrounds. Obviously, the establishment press is incredibly antagonistic to the MAGA message and thinks of middle-class people as smelly peasants who shop at Walmart. The corporate media will go overboard to discredit and humiliate anyone who defies their narrative. Expect media figures to lay traps. Expect media figures to behave dishonorably. Expect the media to find ways to mock and ridicule anyone who can’t quite match their supposed levels of sophistication. Expect the media to try to tie you to QAnon. Expect the media to dig up possible dirt on you and your members, especially the leaders. These efforts include digging up possible criminal records and interviewing anyone and everyone who’s known you since kindergarten. 

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• Act thick-skinnedNever go on defense. The media attacks against any middle-class lobby will come across as malicious and condescending to people who are normal and not sociopaths. Stay on offense. When in doubt, study up on Andrew Breitbart and his techniques.

Avoid running afoul of the IRS. The IRS will, of course, try to make mincemeat out of middle-class folks who dare speak out against the Deep State. Learn from the Tea Party’s mistakes. Don’t get blindsided by an IRS audit. Expect the inevitability of it. Hire the best and most ethical of accountants to manage and oversee your lobby’s finances. Prepare to have the best legal insurance money can buy for the inevitable IRS audits and maybe even Department of Justice investigations.

Middle class folks suffer at the establishment’s expense. We’ve lost jobs to other countries. We now pay twice as much for groceries, gasoline, and electricity because of politicians’ outright stupidity (or corruption). These people insult and impugn our values and beliefs daily.

Thanks to middle class boycotts, Target’s and Bud Light’s sales are down after they crossed more than a few lines with Flyover Country. This proves middle class conservatives can make an impact.

Just imagine what a powerful middle class political lobby could pull off.

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