Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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The Right Has its Star Wars Death Star Moment

America is having what I like to call its Star Wars moment. 

What do I mean by that?

Below, I define what a “Star Wars moment” is. I also list other points our corporate media will never explore.

• Middle-class conservatives right now are stranded on the planet Yavin. The progressive left controls the Death Star, which is only minutes away from blowing the entire plant to atoms. Donald Trump is Luke Skywalker in an X-Wing. Trump is trying to aim torpedoes into the Death Star’s exhaust port to start a chain reaction to blow up the Death Star and cripple the enemy. Trump needs to accomplish this before the Death Star does almost irreversible damage to the conservative movement. 

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• I’m tired of leftists portraying taxpayers as selfish and greedy for wanting to keep more of their own money. 

• Fleabag politicians and bureaucrats keep adding to the national debt. Future generations will think of us as the Selfish Generation…and not the greatest. 

• How many people entered the full-time workforce in their late teens or early-to-mid 20s and were shocked because they vastly underestimated just how much money the feds would take out of their paycheck? 

• With as many times as Obama lit the White House a certain color, you’d think Trump could have lit the White House orange just to steam up the a$$hats in the corporate media. 

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• The people who voted for Trump but endure hardships because of Biden must feel like grade schoolers who went to class and behaved. But every student got assigned homework for Christmas break because 16 of the classroom’s 30 students misbehaved. 

• May God deliver swift justice to every corrupt politician, bureaucrat, and media figure who abuse their positions of power to persecute the innocent. May God deliver swift justice to every corrupt politician, bureaucrat, and media figure who intentionally tries to destroy everything that made the United States great.  

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