Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Some Things to Ponder as We Head Into 2024

If the people at the Department of Justice (DOJ) thought that Trump will lose in 2024 then they wouldn’t go after him as they are now. 

The DOJ is going after Trump because Barack Obama politicized and corrupted the Department of Justice. 

For president in 2024, I like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, but he’s already falling for all the traps that the media typically lays out for Republicans. He is trying too hard to please his out-of-touch donors and suburban women. DeSantis is not doing enough to please the angry middle-class people who want William Wallace “Braveheart” and not Mr. Rogers. 

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But I guess some voting blocs like Mr. Rogers and are turned off by Braveheart. 

Whatever happened to Republicans trying to appeal to the base during the primaries and to both parties during the general election? 

If the GOP candidates (other than Trump) are this bad during the 2024 primaries, then just how far of course will they drift during the general.

The Democrats have turned this fight into a street brawl. And a street brawl requires an actual brawler.

Why do we need a brawler?

Middle-class people witness and experience aspects of life that people who live in gated communities do not. These aspects of life include degeneracy and barbaric behavior at their children’s public schools. These include nonstop crime in the street. These include paying heavy taxes to subsidize the poor and the wealthy and their crony capitalism schemes.

The rich and the poor, by the way, have an entitled and ungrateful attitude as they take taxpayer money. 

That’s why middle-class people are furious, especially now. 

Ask again why they’re voting for Trump.

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The media, the establishment, the Deep State, puppet GOP candidates, etc. have no idea — no idea at all — just how angry so many on the right are right now. Oliver Anthony, of course did a masterful job tapping into that rage with Rich Men North of Richmond

Do you really think the people who hate Trump have enough integrity NOT to commit voter fraud? Especially since they literally described and continue to describe him as the Second Coming of Hitler? You would bend a few rules, too, if you thought you were taking down Hitler. 

Think like a cop. 

We know these people have the motive. 

The next question is do they have the means, and do they have the opportunity?

In 2024, members of the right should watch the left like a hawk.

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