Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Joe Biden and His Restorative Justice Brings Chaos to Colorado

Colorado is one of five blue states that embrace Joe Biden and his woke Restorative Justice programs….and, because of that, violent students in the Denver Public School System now rule the roost.

According to the Joe Biden Department of Justice (DOJ), this concept seeks to rehabilitate offenders rather than punish them. Bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. say Restorative Justice helps students of color.

As The Denver Gazette reported Saturday, however, Restorative Justice programs took power away from that city’s teachers. Restorative Justice made those teachers feel helpless.

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“A leaked internal safety report — conducted in the wake of the East High School shooting that Denver Public Schools has shielded from public disclosure — lays bare the conflict between officials’ efforts to reduce expulsions and frustrated teachers left to deal with the fallout,” the paper reported.

The Gazette reported that students who commit repeated acts of violence at school are often not expelled. 

A school shooting at a local high school prompted the report. 

“Campus safety has been an issue that has roiled public sentiment and galvanized a movement to recall Denver’s board of education,” the paper reported.

The disorder in Denver is part of a nationwide trend.

As RVIVR reported in February, the DOJ says schools must treat students of color who disrupt class more leniently. The DOJ lectured schools “to address their role in perpetuating systemic inequities in schools and discipline to implement meaningful change.”

DOJ staff members, in a report, said Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices can reduce instances of student misbehavior. The report admits, however, these practices have not reduced instances of bullying and absenteeism. They also do not help increase average academic performance.

“Research shows that students of color report fewer benefits and less favorable attitudes toward the presence of police in schools, perhaps due to trauma associated with being historically overpoliced and under protected by law enforcement,” according to the DOJ report.

“Black and brown students who attend schools with a police presence experience heightened rates of mental health problems, such as anxiety, stress, and fear, as well as decreased academic performance.”

The findings of this report, however, clash with a January Associated Press (AP) story

Teachers who interact with students where Restorative Justice programs exist urge school administrators to take a “harder line on discipline.”

“More students have been acting out, and some school systems have faced questions from teachers, parents and lawmakers about whether a gentle approach can effectively address problems that disrupt classrooms,” the AP reported.

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Last year, members of the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported a new shortage of teachers in public K-12 schools nationwide.

“Negative perception of the teaching profession and perceived lack of support for current teachers are among key recruitment and retention challenges,” according to the GAO summary.

“Teacher shortages are more prevalent in western states and in rural, urban, and high-poverty communities.” 

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