Friday, December 01, 2023
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This Georgia Crime Story Will Make Liberals’ Heads Explode

Animal abuse in Georgia, a corrupt public school official, and a convicted felon/illegal immigrant who somehow, someway acquired illegal firearms.

This particular yarn comes out of Atlanta.

Leftists who advocate for public schools, stricter gun control laws, and looser immigration laws and assure us that stories like this never happen remain speechless.   

The players, according to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) are DeAndre Cannon, a former school paraprofessional in Georgia, and — the illegal alien and convicted felon — Conroy Samuels. Samuels lived under the assumed identity of “Justin Sheffield.”

This not Samuels first brush with the law. Samuels already served time in prison. The courts convicted him of attempted murder. The U.S. government later deported him, the DOJ said.

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Between February and June of last year, Cannon purchased nearly four dozen firearms on Samuels’ behalf.

“Cannon, to perpetrate the firearms trafficking scheme with Samuels, falsely represented to federally licensed firearms dealers in the metro-Atlanta area that he was the actual purchaser of the firearms even though he was buying the guns for Samuels and with Samuels’s money,” according to the DOJ.

“In this way, Cannon sometimes illegally purchased up to 17 firearms in a week.  After he received the guns from Cannon, Samuels would distribute them to others.  At least two of the firearms that passed from Cannon to Samuels were recovered in Connecticut and linked to multiple shooting incidents in that state.”

Cannon and Samuels’s crime spree ended in June of last year. This, after ATF special agents saw Cannon receive money from Samuels and enter and exit a Jonesboro, Georgia pawn shop.  

“Although the temperature that day exceeded 95 degrees, Cannon left a dog inside his car for approximately an hour and a half while he straw purchased guns at the pawn shop,” the DOJ said.

“When agents encountered Cannon later, they saw that Cannon’s pet was suffering from extreme heat stress.  The dog later died despite receiving emergency treatment from Clayton County animal control officers.”

Heck, this is enough to make PETA’s blood boil.

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Samuels pleaded guilty in April. The court convicted him of possessing a firearm by a prohibited person, conspiring to make false statements to a federally licensed firearms dealer, and reentry after deportation. U.S. District Judge Eleanor L. Ross sentenced him to four years, nine months in prison followed by three years of supervised release. 

Cannon pleaded guilty in June. The court convicted him of conspiracy to make false statements to a federally licensed firearms dealer. Late last month, Ross sentenced Cannon to four years, two months in prison, followed by three years of supervised release.  

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