Friday, May 24, 2024
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NASCAR Woke Politics Experiment Prompts Civil Rights Complaint

When snobs think of NASCAR, they think of beer-guzzling, white trash, Jerry Springer lowlifes who get off on car crashes and want to force the schools to close on Dale Earnhardt’s birthday.

Those (of course) are stereotypes.

With that said, most people until now never associated NASCAR with wokeness or political correctness. 

A new civil rights complaint, however, says NASCAR stirs the pot with something it calls Drive for Diversity. That initiative, as you might expect, caters exclusively to women and minorities.  

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NASCAR, in partnership with Rev Racing, has created programs for the benefit of individuals based explicitly on their sex and race,” stated America First (AF) Legal.

“This illegal activity should not be permitted to continue. NASCAR shouldn’t be picking drivers based on their race and sex but on their ability to drive. All racial discrimination is wrong, even if it is the in-vogue ‘social justice’ cause of the day.” 

NASCAR affiliates with an entity called Rev Racing.

Rev Racing, according to its website, is the competition arm of NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Program. Rev Racing’s stated goal is to develop drivers, and pit crew members “from diverse backgrounds and experiences” to compete at NASCAR’s highest levels. 

AF Legal says NASCAR and Rev Racing, LLC broke the law to discriminate against others based on race and sex. 

Before Sept. 1, Rev Racing’s website said the program coaches, mentors, and develops “top minority and female drivers.”

Rev Racing limited admission to women or ethnic minorities. 

Specifically named were American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asians or Pacific Islanders, Blacks or African Americans, and Latinos or Hispanics. 

On or around Sept. 1, however, the language on the website changed. 

“The anodyne sounding phrase ‘diverse backgrounds and experiences’ was substituted for the explicit race, color, national origin, and sex requirements,” said AF Legal.

“NASCAR and Rev Racing fail to define or explain what ‘diverse backgrounds and experiences’ means.” 

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AF Legal says it’s “especially proper” that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission investigate.

“The website changes described above seem to have been designed only to conceal their ongoing, deliberate, and illegal discrimination against white, male Americans,” said AF Legal.

AF Legal, according to its website, says “an unholy alliance of corrupt special interests, big tech titans, the fake news media, and liberal Washington politicians” are dismantling America’s security, liberty, and sovereignty. 

Chalk this NASCAR story up to yet another example of pandering.

Chalk this up to yet another example of hiring based on demographics instead of merit.

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