Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Right on Cue, Elon Musk Puts Rigged Elections on Public Trial

Evil and corruption flourish in the shadows. Out of sight, out of mind is how the Deep State enemy has infiltrated American government and society long ago.

It is for this reason that the subject of stolen elections must remain at the center of the American discourse–out in the open. We cannot be so foolish as to say “oh just move on already, let’s make it right in 2024.” The midterms of 2022 proved that this is not a viable option.

One must fix what is broken before building something new on top of it. Or blow the whole system up altogether.

X owner Elon Musk is just the personality and has just the popular platform to strategically keep certain key topics circulating among the American public. Along with Trump and perhaps General Michael Flynn, it seems to me, he is the player in this ongoing electronic information war that simply will not allow conversations to stray away from public consciousness.

Out of shadows, into mind.

Musk is subtle yet relentless in drawing attention to conversations that used to just go away. (Maui is a recent example of this typicality). He has blown up the old Twitter model and recast it as a social media site now worth less than half of the $44 billion he paid for it. Still, its reputation dwarfs even the social media avenue I consult most in Telegram. It continues to be a growing symbol for this change in the electronic landscape and war of narratives, a symbol that had its beginning in the spring of 2022.

An oftentimes polarizing figure like Donald Trump, Elon Musk has indeed cast an inescapable spotlight on some of the deepest darkness for more of the mainstream American public to see. The slow squeeze on the nefarious social media giant is on for everyone to witness. People may not know about Telegram, but they do know about Twitter.

This whole drama, regardless of the outcome, has allowed Americans not paying attention to Deep State dealings a front row seat to the terrifying reality of how exactly Big Tech has been controlling America and the world via algorithmic manipulation and mass censorship fit for any dystopian novel. Elon Musk is no Messiah, certainly, but the victories he is helping to attain in this mass public awakening is nothing short of priceless.

More recently, nearly three years to the day the US Presidency was stolen by Deep State globalists, Musk shed light on an issue that has been a thorn in the side of many an American who have seen, with their own eyes, the unquestionable evidence that Trump’s landslide victory was robbed and a proxy puppet was placed in his stead. Here is Musk’s tweet with the clearly suggestive statement “The only question is how common it is.”

This is not a “question” and Musk knows it. It is a style of online posting he has long established. Trump does it as well when he is not being outright brazen, in both his posts and his seemingly “off” verbal comments. It is a common tactic, and a quite respectful one, to meet people–who are still not in the know–on their ground and using their language, not being too aggressive with the rhetoric so that a conversation can actually be had.

It is the common sense tactic of breadcrumbing the masses to allow their cognitive dissonance to be as low as possible when new information comes their way. It gives their minds time to adjust to what massive evil and corruption actually exists in this world and right here in this very country. I’ll never understand why so many well-meaning people don’t recognize that much of the world equates “America” with the cesspool in Washington DC–the same cesspool those same well-meaning people despise. Joe Biden is “America” to much of the world. Barack Obama. George Bush. Much of the world hates America for the same reasons revivalist, conservative patriots hate the infiltration of our government, media, and organizations across the country.

It is a topic I am doing my own breadcrumbing with here and there for RVIVR.

The court of public opinion is the key to any shadow war operation, and there is little doubt in my mind that there is in fact a shadow war of narratives, a phenomenon vying for the soul of America, raging right this very second behind an ever-thinning veil. Musk is at the center of it. And because this recent post deals with ballot drop-boxes, it brings the old story of the film 2000 Mules back into play–a story that the establishment media told us and still tells us was conspiracy theory nonsense. They shamed so many of us into silence, just as they always have.

And now we have Connecticut.

And now we have Musk “hinting” that this all could be happening a lot more than in Connecticut.

And now we could possibly have people lining Connecticut up with a few other developing stories a little like Connecticut.

Connect(icut) the dots. This is how information war works. This is how you open a conversation among the public very subtly, allowing people to engage with it on their terms. Then you let them decide.

Here are those three dots just waiting to be connected:

One, on October 24, the 11th Circuit Emergency Write agreed to hear a case to invalidate the rigged 2020 and 2022 elections, with Justice Clarence Thomas to issue the ruling–a story that Mockingbird megaphone Google is still burying, as it was impossible to find anything quickly on this bombshell of a story until I ventured over to search engine Qwant.

Two, former Trump Chief-of-Staff Mark Meadows is being sued by his book publisher concerning the testimony he made before Congress and its contradictions to his 2021 book The Chief’s Chief.

Meadows, the former White House Chief of Staff under President Donald J. Trump, promised and represented that ‘all statements contained in the Work are true and based on reasonable research for accuracy’ and that he ‘has not made any misrepresentations to the Publisher about the Work,’” alleged All Seasons Press in their suit against Meadows.

In his book, Meadows insisted that President Trump was the true winner of the 2020 Presidential Election – which he said was “stolen” and “rigged” with assistance from “allies in the liberal media” who ignored “actual evidence of fraud,” according to the lawsuit.

Meadows also says in the opening sentence to one chapter: “I KNEW HE DIDN’T LOSE.”

Three, Trump recently stated that his trial will be the opportunity we’ve all been waiting for–the time to release classified evidence of election fraud in the 2016 and 2020 elections. Here is a portion of that court document:

The Indictment in this case adopts classified assessments by the Intelligence Community and others that minimized, and at times ignored, efforts by foreign actors to influence and interfere with the 2020 election.

President Trump will offer classified information at trial relating to foreign influence activities that impacted the 2016 and 2020 elections, as well as efforts by his administration to combat those activities.

President Trump will also present classified information relating to the biased and politicized nature of the intelligence assessments that he and others rejected during the events in question.

Collectively, this evidence will undercut central theories of the prosecution and establish that President Trump acted at all times in good faith and on the belief that he was doing what he had been elected to do.

Here is the full court document.

And four, General Michael Flynn recently posted this on X:

Several dots are floating. Some of it is pro-Trump. Some of it seems against the Trump narrative. But that is the point.

Let the people decide.

“That this happened is beyond a reasonable doubt,” Musk writes. “The only question is how common it is.” It is a post, clever as always, intended to be an invitation for the American public to take ownership for their part in this war. Yes, millions and millions have woken up, but we still need more boots on the ground. If you look at so many of Musk’s posts, including the one I covered in this Musk/vaccine story or the subtle mentioning of “the client list” in this one, you will see that very smart trend in his work.

This whole drama seems choreographed at times, as if there really is some veracity to one theory that there is a shadow military and government fighting for the American people. And it only makes sense because, if there really is such an army, then truly fighting for the people would mean giving the Republic back to the people. And to do that, it is the people who must join the revival, who must join the battle, for its very own soul and survival. For unless the court of public opinion reaches the point it needs to reach to make true, lasting change, then it won’t matter who is elected in 2024 (if the votes somehow outnumber the steal, of course) because the globalists maniacs will win the long game of waiting us out anyway, no matter what smaller battles we may eek out along the way. We the People have to fight this fight with whatever “good guys” are doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes. This is our country, and if we don’t fight for it, then the extinctionists might very well have their way.

(Yikes, did I use the “E” word no one ever talks about? Forgive the subtlety. Elon dropped it first after all–exactly a month ago today, and a mere day before the bombing of Israel).

Umm, did he say extinctionists?

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.