Saturday, May 25, 2024
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A Reckoning Awaits People Who Spread Misery on Earth

At this point in my life on Earth, I am much aware of three things. 

Time passes quickly.

Given my age and genetics, there are probably fewer days ahead than behind.

The day is coming where we all meet God…and God will hold us responsible for how we lived our lives.

None of these concepts generally take root with anyone under 40. Nevertheless, it’s astonishing how the concepts elude certain people 65 and older. 

Among the elder people I describe: 

• Grifting career politicians who care more about pleasing their biggest donors instead of doing what’s right for the United States. 

• Long-term Deep State cronies who abuse their clout and their resources to restrict our freedoms, violate our privacies, and interfere in our elections. 

• Established media figures who know damn well they don’t call truth to power and are little more than liberal activists who masquerade as objective journalists (but will never admit it). 

These are all people in positions of power and influence who drive this country straight into the ground — intentionally. They do it for selfish and partisan ends. 

The corrupt Department of Justice inflicts injustice after injustice upon Donald Trump. People now serve the government (and not the other way around). Politicians, government bureaucrats, and members of the corporate media were supposed to administer checks and balances upon one another. Instead, they all feed the same bent system. You, of course, already know these things. 

We live in a world where our media celebrates a sick degenerate like Larry Flynt for testing the boundaries of the First Amendment. Flynt published smut. He undermined the traditional family unit. Flynt exploited women who were either mentally ill or whose self-esteem levels were in the gutter. Conversely, Elon Musk allows people in Flyover Country to express reasonable and well-thought-out (conservative) views on Twitter without fear of censorship. To the media, that makes Musk the most dangerous man on Earth. 

Everything about 21st century America is lopsided. 

People with common sense repeatedly warned elder politicians not to borrow more money. Otherwise they would trigger inflation. These same dipsticks ignored those warnings. Now, grocery and gas prices are off the charts. Good people must work two to three jobs to scrape by.

We trusted certain people to lead us and to set a better example on Earth. Instead they left a trail of wreckage in their wake. 

Sometimes Karma strikes people while they’re still living and teaches them a lesson. Those people are fortunate. Sometimes Karma doesn’t strike people while they’re still living. Those are the people God will hold accountable in the afterlife. 

We all die, at a time and a date that only He knows.

For some people, a reckoning awaits. This reckoning is one they do not expect…and one for which they certainly remain unprepared.

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