Sunday, April 21, 2024

Disarming the Left’s Judicial Weapons of Mass Destruction

Perhaps the most appalling and frightening aspect of the recent ruling by Justice Arthur Engoron in the rigged commercial loan case against Donald Trump was the brazen manner in which the trial was adjudicated. In essence, neither the prosecutor nor the judge cared if Trump and his supporters knew the case was a sham and entirely politically motivated.

No one except Trump has been prosecuted under New York Executive Law 63(12) in the absence of a victim or tangible damages. Prior to the Trump case, the law was used exclusively against those who defrauded a person or entity, resulting in real losses. For Engoron, and leftist New York Attorney General Letitia James, the absence of a victim in the Trump case didn’t matter. They simply wanted to hurt the former president financially and keep him off the campaign trail. If undecided voters chose not to vote for him based on the verdict, all the better.

Prospects for Appeal

Trump’s chances of overturning Engoron’s horrible decision on appeal to the New York Appellate Division seem bleak. The Court includes a roster of judges that would make a DEI advocate swoon. Every one of them was appointed by a Democratic governor, so you know where their allegiance lies. Based on their bios, it’s almost impossible to see Trump prevailing.

If he loses in the Appellate Court, the next step is the New York Court of Appeals, which will review cases within very narrow parameters. The judges on the Court of Appeals were also appointed by Democrat governors.

By now, are you getting the idea that if you’re a well-known conservative charged with a crime in New York, you’re pretty much screwed?

If we have learned anything about leftists over the past decade, it’s that they consider the law nothing more than a tool they can manipulate to further their goal of authoritarian rule. It is difficult to imagine a Democrat hack judge bucking the pressure of the left and approaching Trump’s case with impartiality.

That probably leaves the U.S. Supreme Court as his last and only realistic hope for justice. On the surface, the selective and vindictive prosecution of Trump, and Trump alone, under the New York law in the manner it was applied seem to be a textbook case of due process and equal protection violations under the 14th amendment, but I’m not a lawyer. We can only hope that the SCOTUS doesn’t cower in the face of leftist bullying and corrects the New York lawfare decision and the other politically motivated cases against Trump as well.

Lawfare and a Weaponized Legal System

The donor class that controls the Republican party desperately wants to suppress America First and MAGA ideology. As a result, anyone without a personal fortune wouldn’t garner enough financial support from the party to run a viable candidacy for national office. This is the exact reason why every Republican candidate from 1988 to 2016 was essentially a clone of George Bush Sr.

Fortunately for America, Trump emerged and blindsided the leftists, threatening their plan for the systematic destruction of America. As a billionaire, he was not beholden to the Republican party apparatus, and the MAGA message resonated with mainstream America. Against insurmountable odds, he won the presidency handily in 2016.

However, by 2020, woke leftists were prepared, and they used the smokescreen of the pandemic to rig the election. In a broader sense, they realized they must develop a strategy to thwart rogue billionaires with political ambitions, who couldn’t be eliminated from contention due to a lack of money or party resources. Unscrupulous leftists realized they needed to go big, and that is what led to the creation of lawfare and the weaponization of the judicial system.

In modern America, major U.S. cities have a split personality. At night, they are crime infested hell holes, but by day, they serve as centers for the country’s business and commerce. In many industries, it’s impossible to achieve substantial corporate and personal success without having a strong presence in a major metropolitan area like New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. However, that very presence is a liability leftists are now exploiting. If you do business, or worse, are headquartered in New York, you are now vulnerable to weaponized lawsuits based entirely on your politics.

Unfortunately, this same vulnerability applies to Elon Musk, who does business in all 50 states, and Vivek Ramaswamy, whose former company, Sio Gene Therapies, is located in New York. The point is that billionaires are ubiquitous by nature, and as a result, they have massive exposure in jurisdictions where the entire judicial apparatus is controlled by the left.

Considering the success James had in prosecuting Trump on bogus charges in New York, does anyone believe she would hesitate to take down the next rogue billionaire who threatened the left’s radical agenda?

 The Only Way for America First Patriots to Receive a Fair Trial

If, and I understand, it’s a big “if,” Republicans gain control of Congress and the presidency in 2024, the only way to disarm the left’s judicial weapon of mass destruction is to change venue laws. In essence, a candidate or officeholder who is charged with a personal or business-related crime in a jurisdiction where the judicial apparatus is dominated by a single party would have the right to a change of venue. This would provide the defendant with the opportunity to move the trial to their state of residency, or in the case of a business, the state of incorporation.

If this law was in place, a rich person with political ambitions could settle their family, or start a company, in a state where they would feel comfortable receiving a fair trial from an impartial judge, and a verdict decided by a jury of their peers, instead of partisan, rabid woke leftists. Overzealous prosecutors in a hostile state or city might think twice before filing bogus charges if they knew the trial could be moved to a court where the verdict wasn’t decided in advance.

It’s important to recognize that throughout the country, Republicans do not enjoy such a lopsided, ideological advantage as leftists do in large, blue cities and states. Worse, the courts in Washington DC, where the vast majority of the federal government’s business is conducted, are the most partisan in the nation.

Without reform, it’s likely that many prominent Americans who believe in traditional values will be dissuaded from running for political office for fear of financial ruin or even prison time. Trump has a lot of money, but the federal and state governments have virtually unlimited resources, and yes, they can even break a billionaire.

If this issue isn’t addressed, don’t expect another America First candidate to expose his family to such horrific attacks and liability ever again. Instead, get prepared for the next George Bush clone as the Republican nominee in 2028.