Friday, April 12, 2024
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LAKEN RILEY MURDER: Wednesday Proves the Right is Done Playing Nice

Other than January 6, conservatives have kept their anger on a leash. 

After all, people on the right are the ones who actually work for a living. I’m talking about the grassroots, mind you, not the soft piles of goo Republicans we have in state and federal offices who whore themselves out to whatever their wealthy donors demand of them.

We, the conservative grassroots, stand the most to lose if we vent our feelings in public and/or lose our tempers. We could lose our jobs. And thanks to a highly politicized Department of Justice, we could lose our freedom.   

The people on the left, however, can continue to mooch off the government and muster up all their time and energy to protest police. They vandalize public and private property. They terrorize the public. 

But after what happened Wednesday in Athens, Georgia, I’m convinced that the right is done holding it in….not when illegal immigrants are butchering their children.


As you likely already know, the University of Georgia (UGA), in Athens, had its first homicide in 30 years. The victim’s name was Laken Riley. Riley died at the hands of an illegal immigrant. 

Athens-Clarke County is officially not a sanctuary city, but unofficially it is. The city is so liberal and so out of the mainstream that one male county commissioner identifies as queer….yet he has a wife and a girlfriend. The wife and the girlfriend both live with him. They are evidently a throuple. 

Are you just as confused as I am?

As for what happened Wednesday, the right signaled to the entire nation that the gloves are off.

Athens, Georgia Mayor Kelly Girtz held a press conference to announce that he would spend more taxpayer money on a series of nanny-state initiatives that would supposedly reduce crime. During the course of this press conference, Girtz denied that Athens is a sanctuary city. He insulted Donald Trump. He insulted our intelligence. 

People in the audience were having none of it. They know that Girtz’s policies contributed to this girl’s death.

Exhibiting a startling level of rage for people on the right, members of the audience shouted down Girtz. They told him he has blood on his hands. They ordered him to resign. One man, who sounded like Mel Gibson in Braveheart leading his troops into battle, told the mayor he relished the opportunity to have some alone time with Girtz (uh oh).  

The press conference was broadcast nationwide. 

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To quote the comedian Richard Pryor, after four years of Joe Biden’s crap, the right is pi$$ed the **** off.

Members of the left hustled illegal immigrants into the United States to create new voters who, of course, will vote for Democrats. They ignored sensible warnings from sensible people. The left crossed a line. Consequently, illegal immigrants are in America, running amok, bludgeoning our best and brightest. 

The right wants vengeance.

Is the left frightened?

Will the corporate media try to understand the right’s rage, the same way they tried to understand the left’s? That’s doubtful.

Things are about to get nasty…and I think I’m OK with that.

I hope a member of Congress who represents Georgia invites Laken Riley’s parents to attend Biden’s State of the Union speech next week. I always thought myself better than this, but I hope the parents disrupt Biden’s speech the same way people in Athens disrupted Girtz’s speech. 

Let this fury play out on a national stage. Let the idiot leftists in the media decry the right’s lack of civility. The left has shown us nothing but incivility for 15 to 20 years. It’s time to throw back at them exactly what they’ve thrown at us. These garbage leftists have left a trail of wreckage in their wake. 

To hell with civility. To hell with the idea that we can peacefully co-exist with lunatics.

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