Friday, April 19, 2024
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Per the Biden Administration, This is the One Thing You Can’t Smuggle in From Mexico

You can smuggle fentanyl from Mexico into the United States, and the Biden administration apparently doesn’t care.

You can smuggle human slaves from Mexico into the United States, and the Biden administration apparently doesn’t care.

You can smuggle in unvetted homicidal maniacs from Mexico into the United States, and, again, the Biden administration apparently doesn’t care.

But, per the Biden administration, here’s something that you just can’t bootleg across the southern border: greenhouse gases. 

And now that someone has done just that, there’s gonna be REAL TROUBLE.

On Monday, members of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed one of their top priorities as it pertains to that part of the country. They bragged that they busted a man for traveling to Mexico and coming back with hydrofluorocarbons. 

Hydrofluorocarbons, in case you don’t know, are highly potent greenhouse gasses. Manufacturers use them in refrigeration, air-conditioning, building insulation, fire extinguishing systems, and aerosols.

The DOJ says hydrofluorocarbons and certain other refrigerants supposedly contribute to climate change.

The man in question, Michael Hart, of San Diego, was the first person arrested and charged under the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act of 2020 (AIM Act). 

The AIM Act prohibits the importation of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) without allowances issued by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

“The indictment [against Hart] alleges that Hart purchased refrigerants in Mexico and smuggled them into the United States in his vehicle, concealed under a tarp and tools. According to the indictment, Hart posted the refrigerants for sale on OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace and other sites, and sold them for a profit,” the DOJ said.

“In addition to greenhouse gases, the indictment alleges Hart imported HCFC 22, an ozone-depleting substance regulated under the Clean Air Act.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and members of his administration continue to welcome illegal and unvetted aliens into the country. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director Rohit Chopra want to force banks to loan money to illegal immigrants. 

The feds have tried to bus countless illegals into politically red states. 

In Texas, illegal immigrants are not always identified immediately upon arrest. 

Law enforcement officials have documented some particularly savage examples of violence coming from MS-13 gang members throughout the United States. Certain stories involve MS-13 members killing, torturing, and/or cutting off body parts of teenagers.

Finally, the University of Georgia (UGA), in Athens, just had its first homicide in 30 years. The victim’s name was Laken Riley.

Riley, as you likely already know, died at the hands of an illegal immigrant

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