Saturday, May 25, 2024

Understanding the Overton Window Helps Make Sense of America’s Plight

“You can hold on to the smallest doubt and take comfort in it, stay in denial and go on with your carefree life, until one day you’re finally cornered by a truth that can no longer be ignored.” -Glenn Beck, The Overton Window

For years we sensed it, the sliding ever so stealthily of any notion of law, order, values, and common sense. The age of political correctness at the turn of the century was bad enough, but under the reign of Obama came a more tyrannical move forward. Due to a toxic identity-obsessed media regime, this window began closing, and closing, and closing, to the point where many people were (and still are) terrified to speak truth in public. Political correctness became more of a weapon, an accusation of damning iniquity, when anyone uttered even a whisper against the woke ideologies, equally woke players, and fake histories of the Left. For a time leading through 2020, despite many Americans’ awakening to fake news and the truth of the globalist swamp because of Trump, it may have appeared unthinkable to many patriotic Americans that we had allowed such filth and vice to become the soul of our nation, the crux of popularity and policy.

That brings us to the Overton Window.

The Overton Window is a term for what our society deems acceptable to say in public. It was apparently once just a niche political concept, but it has evolved into a useful framework in understanding societal phenomena as well. Frankly it is one of the pivotal concepts I involuntarily employ when I evaluate and research a story. It is one reason I stress so much in my work the importance of shifting the needle of public opinion. It is one reason why I, while giving only hints of it from time to time, wonder with curiosity if the evidence indicating that there is a patriotic, America-saving military operation going on behind the scenes as we speak isn’t spot on legitimate.

And the reason I can’t write more on that topic is precisely because of the Overton Window. It hasn’t opened up enough yet. Not enough of RVIVR‘s particular audience would be ready for it. Therefore any other good information I present might be lost in the mud of perceived lunacy.

This is why most people who say “just give me the truth so I can deal with it” don’t really understand societal pressures and human nature. Most don’t know what it is they’re truly asking. We’re not dealing with just one person. We’re dealing with an entire melting pot of a society.

The reality is that there has to be a mix of gradual breadcrumbing–reverse grooming if you will–and the dropping of the occasional blockbuster news hook that will give great weight to the previous and coming gradual. People need periods of calm mixed in with shorter bursts; these bursts are often attached to emotion while the spells of calm allow a society’s collective mind to process, reorient, and ultimately heal said emotions into a posture more compatible with rational truth.

This same process applies to the individual human mind.

Some recent work of mine provides more context:

I have made it clear in my work that I believe in the power of public opinion, and that the divide between those awake to a general sense of the truth about the mass psychosis inflicted on us for decades and those who are too far behind to even try to catch up is widening by the week. Story after story has been dropping in recent months, seemingly in orchestrated, manageable fashion at times, building the understanding of said truth in the minds of many and embarrassingly revealing the still great number who have zero clue that almost everything we’ve grown up with is a lie.

Exposure of silent, destructive termites is the first step in ridding one’s home of them. The metaphor applies effortlessly to the revelation of corruption, indeed evil, that has infiltrated our American government, media, and entertainment industry. Every month, there is a new cycle of story hooks that wake up more and more waves of Americans to insidious realities like child trafficking and torture, government-sponsored false flags, color revolutions, and the creation of money-laundering, totalitarian wars all over the world, just to name a very select few. It is one reason I sometimes believe this is being orchestrated by a higher hand, because the mass mind control we are under can only be broken slowly and gently, as frustrating as that can be to some folks who have seen the dawn and are waiting with angst for others to join them.

We must be both persistent and patient as we wake people up in the mold of the Glenn Beck line above. Because the simple fact of the matter is that we still need more of the sleepers to shift the balance enough to achieve victory.

Just consider how much many of us considered crazy in 2020 and how that has changed over four years. I remember bringing up child trafficking back in 2020 and it being considered fringe conspiracy theory, and now you see it everywhere. On child trafficking, the Overton Window has shifted into the light, despite the government-media apparatus’s best efforts to keep it hidden. See the concealment of the Hunter Biden laptop contents before the 2020 election–and even now–as a prime example of the Deep State powers pushing the Window back toward the darkness.

But, with divine intervention, we are winning this slow and painful war. If we weren’t, the Window would not be moving and the villains would still be hiding. Our clear progress is why they are going ballistic, like cockroaches suddenly flashed with a light, calling people “conspiracy theorists” and spreaders of “dangerous disinformation,” claiming it’s all such “a threat to our democracy.” It is classic psychological projection and gaslighting to attempt to distract from what they have actually been doing themselves for decades, and a dwindling number of people are falling for it anymore.

Despite the infernal resistance, the Overton Window is indeed opening in the direction of light and truth. It is reversing its course, but it cannot happen quickly, just as the initial diabolical journey into mental slavery went largely unnoticed while the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas of the world had their way. Here is a glimpse of how this Window is working to our advantage in the truth dissemination of child trafficking. I have amended the labels to match society a bit more than politics:

  1. Unthinkable: “Elite pedophile rings don’t exist. Q-Anon tin-foil hat conspiracy theorist lunatics on the Right!”
  2. Radical: “The prevalence of pedophile rings has been largely overstated–by far-Right Qanon conspiracy theorists!”
  3. Acceptance: “Yes, they exist, but most elite pedophile rings have long been dealt with. The Right is trying to make you think it is worse than it is.”
  4. Distraction: “Trump, the great MAGA king, was one of the main players in the pedophile ring.”
  5. Disappearance: “We must focus on more important things like Ukraine and Israel, or else World War III will begin! Bird flu!”
  6. Admittance: [We are not here yet]

And this is just the trafficking aspect of things. We are very much still on the “Unthinkable” end of the scale when it comes to what the public knows about the truly vile and wicked things they do to these children. It is dark, and at this time, comprehension of it stays in the dark as well.

For now we stay with trafficking only.

It is because we are not at #6 yet that bold outbursts of red-pills, perhaps like boxer Ryan Garcia is providing, seem disconnected from reality, even making a Garcia-type seem like a loud-mouth lunatic. But I can tell you with assurance that the things he is saying are things I have been seeing since 2020, and others for much longer than that. There is no way for me to vouch for everything he says, especially since he seems to be a hothead and a showman, but he is not wrong when he points to diabolical practices that go well beyond kidnapping children for perverted old men.

We are likely going to have one shot at getting this right, at bringing these predators to full justice, and we cannot waste that one shot on a populace still not awake enough and still far too apathetic.

Or worse–who are destroying the good names of those who care enough to actually stay in the mix and fight. After all, on the visible surface, in terms of optics, despite the wins taking place in the invisible narrative war, we are still a society that cares more about Caitlyn Clark’s WNBA contract and shoes than we do about child trafficking.

We must recognize the cycle of forwards and backs in order to avoid frustration and despair. The non-linear aspect of this societal phenomenon–particularly during the “backs”–is what sometimes makes well-meaning people think we’re getting nowhere with this war and that America is doomed.

When in actuality those “backs” are just calms to give us time to process and heal–and grow ready for more.

We are closer than we’ve ever been. Believe that. It is gratifying to see so much truth come out in recent months, so many warriors fighting the truth war, but we must also remember that those still unaware will need gentle guidance when the absolute abomination of what is happening to those children breaks forth in full measure. Yes it is and will be their own fault, but let’s help them anyway. It’s the only way the Window of public opinion will open enough for the dawn to vanquish the nightmare.


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May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.