Friday, July 19, 2024
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Donald Trump Voters Must Focus and Must Channel that Anger

As I type, I feel pure rage, and my thoughts are running faster than my fingers can type….but I know I must focus.

Yesterday, a sham trial made Donald Trump a convicted felon.

Right now, MAGA supporters must channel their anger and must make certain something good comes from this. What do I mean by that? We must reelect Donald J. Trump. We must punish the sociopaths who are pulling out all of the stops to destroy the greatest president of my lifetime. 


You must have no emotional or physical outbursts. We cannot have another January 6. Such displays would play right into Biden’s and the corporate media’s hands. 


Instead, donate your time and your money and do everything you possibly can to make certain that this time next year the person who occupies the White House is Donald Trump.

Yesterday, people on fixed incomes or people who are struggling to stay afloat financially were so enraged by Trump’s conviction that they donated money to his campaign. This is money that they otherwise needed for groceries or gasoline. 

For eight years, the Democrats, the media, and the elitists who live in gated communities have gone above and beyond to break the bond Trump has with the grassroots. They did not succeed then. They will not succeed now. And it frustrates the left to no end. 

Grassroots voters realize that if the feds can torment Trump in this manner, then they will not hesitate to torment anyone and everyone who stands in their way, whether they live in a palace, a middle-class subdivision, or even a slum.

Grassroots voters will now work 10 times harder to elect Trump.


Remember that scene in Tombstone where an enraged Wyatt Earp tracked down some of the men who massacred his brothers?

Wyatt, as played by the great Kurt Russell, let those thugs live and told them to pass along an important message to the other people involved. He literally screamed.

“You tell them I’m coming, and HELL is coming with me, you hear? HELL is coming with me.”

Later in the movie, after Wyatt made good on his promise, his friend Doc Holliday, when speaking of his friend, said the following:

“Make no mistake. It’s not revenge he’s after. It’s a reckoning.”

This is how MAGA feels right now. 

We’re coming, Hell is coming with us….and, yes, this is a reckoning. 

No more bitching on the Internet. No more letters to the editor complaining about double standards. No more speeches about lawfare or how Democrats have destroyed the legal system.

Assume a war footing. This is war. So get up off your ass and act like it.


And, most important…win. 

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