Saturday, May 25, 2024

In the Battle of Election Wishing Versus Election Rigging, Guess Who Wins?

For many years, I have criticized conservatives and America First patriots for their lack of participation in government and the process that determines how we are governed. I know I piss a lot of people off with these articles, but frankly, I don’t really care. I call it as I see it, and in terms of direct participation in politics, many people on our side react as though they’re facing the prospect of being forced to attend the opera.

In other words, they’ll find any excuse they can to avoid it.

Until you have stood toe to toe with rabid, lunatic leftists, you can’t truly understand how committed they are to the cause, however deranged it may be. And when I say committed, I mean totally committed, as in there is nothing more important in life than achieving that objective.

My most up close and personal experience with committed leftists centered on the issue of the spotted owl in Southern Arizona in the early 1990s. At that time, there was a significant influx of retirees with fat pensions migrating from cold, rust belt states to the sunbelt, and they all wanted nice houses. Arizona had plenty of buildable land, but a radical environmentalist group called The Center for Biological Diversity, headed by Kieran Suckling, wreaked havoc on the local building and development industry, using the spotted owl as an excuse to halt most housing projects in the area.

While I came to despise these people politically, I learned to respect their organizational skills and relentless work ethic. They had enthusiastic volunteers roaming the desert in 100+ degree heat, making owl mating calls in hopes of finding owl nests, which, when discovered, immediately brought scheduling for grading to a standstill. When Suckling and crew testified in front of government panels or in court, their research was always deep and accurate.

They never lacked for evidence, money, volunteers or effort.

Conservatives Would Rather Leave it to Others

On the other hand, America First conservatives mostly want to bitch rather than roll up their sleeves and work for change. They love to state their opinion to anyone who will listen, especially when gathered at the local Starbucks in posh neighborhoods. MAGA people are big on attending Trump rallies for photo ops and writing endless posts on social media forums, but that’s about the extent of their involvement politically.

When asked, they offer a variety of excuses:

* I’m too busy working and raising a family

* Politics is boring

* It won’t make any difference, anyway

* Making phone calls and knocking on doors is embarrassing

And so on…

What American patriots need to realize is that the luxury of sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option if you really do want change. The lack of participation from populist patriots is directly tied to the reason why Republicans continue to lose elections.

I hate to pick on Arizona, but they’re a battleground state with a ton of problems. In 2021, Republicans controlled the legislature and the governor’s office. In light of the sinister circumstances surrounding the 2020 election, you would imagine Republicans in the Arizona House and Senate would rush to pass election-related legislation, but 13 meaningful election integrity bills never made it out of Senate committee, and remember, Republicans controlled the entire legislative process.

So why did that happen?

It happened because the legislature feared instantaneous and severe backlash from woke leftists if any of those bills had passed. Most certainly, there would have been lawsuits, protests, and the legislators would have suffered severe criticism in the local press or worse.

And the consequences for Republican legislators for ignoring election integrity immediately after the most corrupt political sham in American history?

Nothing. Most MAGA voters didn’t even know anything about it.

Worse, even after experiencing the 2020 rigging, rank and file Republicans failed to step up for the next election. In fact, in 2022, Pima County couldn’t even find enough Republicans willing to serve as poll workers to fill the available jobs.

Yep, you heard that right. Two years after snotting and balling about election fraud, there weren’t enough Republicans to man positions that would help ensure the 2022 election wasn’t stolen.

But whining on social media and at the local coffee shops about what Republicans did wrong after Katie Hobbs beat Kari Lake in the governor’s race? Plenty of that. I mean, retired Republicans have to have something to do besides playing the slots at the local casinos, right?

The Wishing Versus Rigging Strategies

Most people who identify as Republicans contribute to election success by employing a wishing strategy. In general, this includes the following components:

* Believing that woke leftist policies are so bad, no one could possibly vote for them in the next election

* Believing God won’t let the righteous lose the next election

* Believing it’s the responsibility of people working directly for the national or state organization to do all the work

On the other hand, Democrats tip the scales in their favor by employing different strategies and techniques:

* Creating vulnerabilities in voting and tabulating equipment they can exploit if necessary to change the outcome of the election

* Working to maximize early voting and mail in ballot advantages

* Gaining new votes by working the inactive and purged voter lists.

* Strategically maneuvering partisan hacks into positions of authority over local elections.

* Raising and spending more money than their Republican counterparts.

If Republicans Lose in 2024, Don’t Complain if You Didn’t Contribute

We’re witnessing one of the greatest travesties of justice in American history as Donald Trump is dragged from courtroom to courtroom in the most blatant demonstration of third-world election manipulation in the history of the free world. Every legal scholar with an ounce of credibility knows that the charges in each of these cases are entirely bogus and designed solely to keep Trump from winning the presidency in 2024.

If the roles were reversed, and it was a Democrat who was being persecuted through open lawfare, the violent leftist protests in major cities would make the Palestinian demonstrations look like child’s play.

Yet, what are America First patriots doing about this disgusting persecution of Trump?

Not much.

In fact, Trump had to complain about the poor optics before supporters started showing up at the phony hush money trial in Manhattan. Instead of large crowds assembled daily in major cities to protest this egregious perversion of justice and blatant election interference, there’s nothing. Only online articles and social media posts suggest anyone has a problem with this kangaroo court sham.

As depressing as it sounds, I think Republicans are in for a massive shellacking in November because nothing substantive has been done since 2020 to stop leftists from exploiting election vulnerabilities. And I’ll repeat myself ad nauseam. Until everyone who is fed up with woke leftists gets some skin in the game, nothing is going to change.

Plan on enjoying four more years (unless he dies) of Slow Joe Biden’s vision for America, only this time, he won’t have to worry about another election.