Saturday, May 18, 2024

James Carville Rants Show Everything You Need to Know About Their Hatred for Us

James Carville is red-pilling lately-awakening Americans and isn’t even aware of it.

Maybe he and Frank Lutz should have a beer over the tears.

This is something I have sat on for some time but am finally going to make comment on the latest, even though I realize most of our reader base doesn’t need any cognitive jarring when it comes to understanding James Carville’s modus operandi. Perhaps the only thing relatively new for many readers is to consider the reality that the Deep State is not some phantom entity “out there somewhere.” It is right here at the local and state levels of every state in the Union. To what degree or what level Carville is compromised is uncertain, but rants like this, as Louisianans couple them with everything they are seeing from Congress lately–both at the state and federal levels–only serve to shift the Overton Window in the direction of full awakening. It also confirms everything they’ve always suspected deep down inside about politicians. Perhaps Scott McKay said it best:

We’ve never been amused by the sleazy, amoral grifter politico James Carville here at The Hayride. Even on the occasion when Carville says something true, it’s always laced with evidence of a fundamentally dishonest and manipulative worldview.

I have discussed at length in recent articles about the importance of culling truth from the truth-teller we may not like. It is good that Scott made such a distinction here. Sometimes we have to parse the truth from the jackasses saying it for a change.

Well here is Carville shelling out something true, for sure. But the only thing true it is exposing is the manipulative, incredibly narcissistic perspective the general politician has, not to mention a seeming wild belief that this approach could actually work. We apologize for the language, but we’re all adults here.

Yes, it is Trump and was always going to be Trump. With all respect to the other candidates who have come and gone, they all were mere foils to a man who has become more like a symbol to Americans long fed up with the status quo. Americans, myself included, want to see what this incredibly flawed and oftentimes flat wrong man has in store for an entire criminal, diabolical empire that has tried to take him down for nearly a decade.

Trump has been a master at exposing the players, the crimes, and most importantly, the patterns. He has given us every opportunity to pay attention. We have to learn from the model the James Carvilles of the world have given us, the politicians who know, for instance, all the true evidence released concerning January 6 and still–still–choose to spew lies.

They’ve gaslighted us like this for decades and more.

If there is one irony here, it is that in this next video, recorded last month, Carville’s totalitarian bent shines through not in a lie, but in a truth. But it is so aggressive that it may make said 26-year-olds vote Donald Trump just to spite him.

The truth here is that, indeed, not enough 26-year-olds (or any age, for that matter) care yet about the war of good and evil happening in the world right now. Millions and millions have woken up since 2020, but the war is not ready to be won yet. Preliminary groundwork/awakening is still taking place while Trump is in court; while AstraZeneca removes the vaccine from the market; while the Chris Cuomos of the world admit to everything they mocked in conspiracy theorists in the past; while the truth about Ukraine continues to bubble up; while the Uniparty makes it obvious that the invasion at the border is being ignored to impact the 2024 election; and while more and more nuance leaks out concerning the delineations we may need to be making among the Jewish people, their government, and something called the Khazarian Mafia.




There has been so much converging lately that it may seem overwhelming for the 26-year-olds out there. But if you look at it from another angle, an angle that suggests there may be an ongoing patriot military operation psy-oping Americans awake, you may see that these six narratives actually relate in a very real, war-defining way. If you pay attention closely, you’ll recognize the pattern:

Nothing is what it seems and never has been, not at least in our lifetimes. Up is down, down is up. The players have long confused, conflated, and controlled the narratives, enslaving America into blissful ignorance and a dalliance with drink and circuses. Even the players we’ll one day find were on our side the whole time must engage in intentional disinformation dissemination at times because, let’s face it, the enemy is watching too, and this is a very real war we are embroiled in.

It is why it is so difficult to go after some players so hard when you suspect they could be–could beplaying a role. The only question, one we may never know in full, is which players are truly good and which are truly evil. We have an idea on some, of course, but not all. At the very least, what is happening, very clearly, is that Americans’ calcified understanding of politics as Right vs Left is being dismantled week by week.

And dare I say something else is happening. Something of eternal importance. People are getting so fed up with the mental dissonance exacerbated by the never ending manipulations and deceptions that they are making the break and taking the leap toward the only Way, the only Truth, the only Life.

So, while we don’t judge the man’s soul in Christianity, and we certainly don’t pretend to know every detail of this ever-developing battle, we most certainly are called to judge actions so that we can avoid them in both the here and now and in the future. Christians are unequivocally called to proclaim Christ is King, and while this may be off-putting to those of other faith leanings, the inescapable truth is that tolerance in this country has led only to the totalitarianism of the mob and a terrorizing intolerance. Part of this great awakening–perhaps the most important one–is recognizing that the spirit put out by words we hear from Carville should widen the gulf between good and evil, and make us realize exactly how paramount it is that we recognize Christ for the Sovereign he is.

Christus rex est.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.