Monday, May 20, 2024

The Grooming of America (Part 3) – The Tragedies of Social Devolution

Editor’s Note: Third in a series. For part 1, click here, and for Part 2, click here.

If the last two-plus years of political/economic chaos and turmoil have taught me anything, it’s endurance. But endurance comes with some prerequisites, including purpose, practice, patience, tenacity, willful determination, and a reason to hope.

Hope being the most important on that list. And for too many, hope is waning.

Given the current political and economic landscape of division, financial hardship, and wave of Hard Left indoctrination/policies, devolution has had the perfect opportunity to root and take hold in America.

According to The Daily Mail, reporting on the FBI’s most recent crime report, [crime increased by 4% in 2021, but several cities were excluded from the FBI’s report, including Los Angeles and New York City.]

Why? What are they hiding? The fact that crime in cities has soared and devolution is in full swing, coming to a town near you. That’s what.

From a macro perspective, major cities have been catapulted into chaos through gun bans and extreme left policies, leading to increased violence. Law abiding citizens are left at the mercy of criminals who don’t abide by gun control laws. Looting has become an inner-city entitlement, just ask private and corporate business owners. Bail reform only fuels the fire by enabling repeat offenders about as efficiently as a hamster on a wheel.  

Intentional? Yes. They want the criminals loose and armed. But they don’t want that for law-abiding citizens, who they’d like to see helpless and satisfied with less.

According to Law Enforcement News, an Attorney General in Missouri is intervening in a castle doctrine case involving a couple you’ve heard of: “The McCloskey’s who are both attorneys, were eating dinner on their patio when several hundred Black Lives Matter protesters, tore down a gate to gain access to a private community that was clearly marked as private with “No Trespassing” signs. Mark McCloskey claims that the protesters began making threats towards his wife and himself. He went into the home and retrieved a pistol and what appeared to be an AR-15.”

Although no one was hurt, McCloskey’s weapons were confiscated by law enforcement, and according to AG Eric Schmitt, “STL prosecutor Kim Gardner is engaged in a political prosecution” against the couple.

My question is, what was done to the angry mob of BLM protestors? We already know the answer: not much. This is just ONE of the many challenging conundrums Americans are facing.

Add the last two years of social isolation, division, fear-mongering, and a multitude of other variables impacting American citizens, and you have a perfect storm for social devolution, and a breeding ground for hopelessness that manifests as mental health crisis. But again, to our disadvantage, our mental health system is based on a sick-care model, rather than a preventative one, just like the medical industry. So, where does that leave America? It leaves us with picking up the pieces after disaster strikes, rather than empowering us to become a stronger, more resilient people.

Do we think the politicians leading these Democrat cities didn’t know these crises would happen? Of course they did.

But acknowledging that wouldn’t fit their agenda. Is the left hell-bent on pushing poorly thought-through policies? No. No, they are not.

They thought through them very well. SO well, in fact, that they are seeing the fruits of their labor, in spades, and are perfectly contented with it. They are implicitly aware of their calculated decisions designed to be the catalysts for devolving society as we know it, into chaos.

RVIVR publisher Scott McKay discusses urban Democrat governance constantly in his writings. He uses a term called Weaponized Governmental Failure to describe the deliberate devolution of life for political benefit.

What can we do to thwart them, if we’re too busy trying to survive?

Remember how modern Big Government works. Create a crisis, offer a solution, gain more control. They know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

But devolution takes many forms, from macro to micro implementation, and it tips society like dominoes, in a structured demise that can be deceptively perceived as naturally occurring through the course of history. But it’s a WAR GAME on the psyche of America, and all of it should have the hairs on the back of your neck, standing on end.

From the micro perspective, devolution’s impact on individuals is nothing less than inhumane. Devolution breeds hopelessness, and without hope, the battle is already lost. People look for an escape and see no way out. They feel a loss of control, not only over their personal well-being in the moment, but over their ability to positively impact their futures, due to overwhelming obstacles. Without the proper supports, they are left to struggle through their own personal hell. If mental endurance and coping skills are not adequately developed, this can lead to addiction and/or suicide.

According to the latest report by the National Vital Statistics System, “Rates for males in age groups 15–24, 25–34, 35–44, and 65–74 increased significantly, with the largest percentage increase (8%) for those aged 15–24 (from 22.4 to 24.1) (Figure 3)…For females, the age-adjusted suicide rate in 2021 (5.6) was 2% higher than in 2020 (5.5)”

Pay attention to the age groups… “8% increase for males aged 15-24”. What have we done to our children? Our youth are losing hope.

Addiction is another issue that has run rampant. According to an RPC policy Senate paper, “…there were more than 99,000 drug overdose deaths in the United States in first year of the pandemic, an increase of nearly 30% over the previous year.”

Lots of those involve Chinese fentanyl, carelessly used as an additive by Mexican drug cartels to boost the potency of their product. Does our government care about that explosion of deadly poison? Not a lot, you might notice; certainly not enough to shut that border tight and stop the scourge.

What does that mean for the futures of EVERYONE? Granted, there are a multitude of issues at the heart of anyone who chooses to end their life, and most of them are probably not politically slanted, but that isn’t my point.

The fact is, America is becoming a hostile environment to its own legacy of freedom and HOPE. Existing problems are exacerbated by more [created] problems, solutions are being offered that aren’t real solutions, and this makes favorable outcomes seemingly harder to achieve, for everyone. Particularly, our most vulnerable. And I believe it’s by design. They don’t want us well…they want a sick and dependent country satisfied with less, because that makes us easy to control.

When people have had enough, they can lose hope and feel pushed to extremes to escape… but our kids? When did the world start getting so heavy for our children? I can answer that.

When we let our government get their hands on them and politicize our education and social service systems. Some might argue it started with separation of church and state, but that’s another article.  

The pandemic merely highlighted the Left’s agenda by making it bubble to the surface. The devolution has been coming for a long time.