Saturday, July 20, 2024

General Flynn Reveals Dark Detail About U.S. Politicians–And It Involves the Children

“Save the Children” must become more than just a hashtag, or whatever fury God is holding back on this country will have to be unleashed at some point. Divine justice would demand it.

Eighteen months ago, Elon Musk posted this response to another tweet on Twitter, now X, asking a question most Americans unfortunately are hitting the snooze button on. Everyone with a pulse knows Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were not trafficking children to no one, and there have been some relatively obscure stories surfacing of these vipers receiving their just retribution. Overall, however, Americans have come not to expect anything ever to happen, not with this reality, not with any reality involving globalist sickos who continue to war against children .

I have recently written on Musk’s subtle style that invites the American public to the conversation on any given topic, and oftentimes General Michael Flynn does a similar thing. The former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and author of the book on Fifth Generation Warfare, Flynn recently dropped a subtle firecracker–one that should very well be viewed as a bomb. Not only should the story be sharing headlines in the Mockingbird media with World War III, it should absolutely have been owning the headlines all along.

When one combines what Flynn said in the video below with what still should be a topic of conversation among Americans because of the film The Sound of Freedom–the trafficking and torture of our children–the censorship of such information by the establishment, the total silence of it all, becomes obvious and deafening.

Sound of Freedom, is now up on Amazon Prime, by the way.

What is this bomb Flynn dropped, a bomb that so many people worldwide have known for years now? That US politicians are owned by their globalist overlords, a great network of blackmailing connected with their trips to mysterious destinations where they “sleep with children.”

Trips overseas.

Epstein Island.

The mysterious and yet-to-be-released client list.

The utter hatred of Donald Trump, who has warred against child trafficking and torture for years.

Connect the dots, and a picture will start to form.

Do we see why that client list has not been investigated and released? The Deep State is real inside our government. It is so deep and insidious that one might start believing Vladimir Putin when he accuses the US of being the head of the snake with its corruption, pedophilia, and outright Satanism.

Why do you think Trump wants to remove the United States from NATO? NATO is the West. The US is NATO–and NATO is warring against Russia. By transitive property in math this makes the relationship between Trump and Putin make sense.

Barack Obama certainly does not want Americans to find out the truth about the children. Neither do the Clintons, the Bushes, or the Bidens. Neither do so many names that unsuspecting Americans won’t believe when justice is finally served.

You see, this war for America’s soul has little to do with black vs white, R vs D, or any of the myriad other false binaries our masters arbitrarily draw our attention to. This war, at its bottom line, is about good vs evil, and right at the center of that collision is the evil of child torture and sacrifice. This goes so far beyond dirty old men having sex with underage girls, as still too many Americans assume, even though that would be disgusting enough in itself.

That is the America the world hates, and we must continue to massage our cognitive dissonance away and come to terms with that. It is why I write on it so much and try to subtly inject it into so many of my stories. This Republic has been taken over, slowly but surely over the decades, while we pursued our aimless entertainments and pleasures. More Americans must wake up to this reality. We must recognize the true enemy–posing as Americans all this time–to take our country back.

Many American conservatives, myself included, have always believed that, though imperfect, our intentions to police the globe were generally noble. Twenty years ago I followed the message of the George Bushes and Bill O’Reillys of the world. For decades, the general populace has worked under the pretense that we are “free” and others are not because of their government’s maniacal cruelty. I confessed to this internal dilemma a few weeks ago in one of my perspective pieces on the war in the Middle East:

I was a slave to the tribe and a lot of Americans still are. I even have to fight it. Hence my delay in writing this piece.

So I trusted Bush. And twenty years later Afghanistan was still a money-making machine for crooks in Washington before the Biden debacle in leaving the country in 2021. When something like the Hamas bombing happens, our instincts practically force us to one of two camps, an arbitrary binary that has proven incredibly manipulative and dangerous to the American people. In other words, patriots who want justice are quick to automatically think that we’re “the good guys” and the other side is “the bad guys.” It is incredibly wrong thinking, and one need only consider how he or she feels about the administrations of Obama and Biden to realize that America isn’t always on the noble path. Why would it be so if these politicians we so distrust and despise are in charge? How can we separate them from the notion of “America” when these suspicious events continue to take place?

–When it is the Obamas and Bidens of the world who are the ones who keep these terrorist organizations strong in the first place?

The Deep State is inside America. It is the component of our beloved country that has been hijacked, and it is a globalist power subverting our patriotic efforts at national sovereignty. It is the termites to the wood. It does not give one damn about where the money comes from, as long as it keeps flowing into its pockets. Public support for the Ukraine war is over. Gone is the Speaker of the House. This tragedy in Israel is just the latest event–whether the Deep State knew about it or not–that it will set its sights on to capitalize on advancing both their wallets and their nefarious New World Order schemes.

Follow the money. Go back to the Iran Deal (Obama). Go back to 9/11 (Bush). Keep watching Ukraine and see if they start covertly packaging aid to it again under the cover of Israel.

Do you see the trap? This isn’t about Republican vs Democrat. This isn’t about America/Israel vs the world. Americans–especially ones who love their country–are caught in the unenviable position of wanting to side against the Hamas terrorists but of also having to admit that both the US and Israeli governments and intelligence agencies stink to high heaven and have stunk for a long time.

Mossad is potentially linked to Epstein and Maxwell, for instance.

This is why much of the world disrespects and even hates us. “We” as a collective want to go policing the globe, but we’re not even willing to look in the mirror and police ourselves. We’re not even willing to condemn in a legal, public sphere the crimes of war and crimes against children committed by the Obamas and Bushes of our very own backyard.

We have to understand that in the eyes of the world, it is Obama and Bush that are “America” too. It isn’t just Trump and America First, and that is what so many citizens, especially well-meaning patriots, don’t think about. They fall for the binary trap of “America, good guys” vs “Anyone else that goes against us, bad guys” when a tragedy like this takes place while just two days ago they were b*tching about America going down the tubes under Biden for the thousandth time.

It is a tribalism and a conditioning we must break if we are to escape the prison we’re in.

The truth about the Satanic termites inside our government and organizations all over the country (woke universities, anyone?) has been leaking out for years now. People are indeed waking up to the fact that we are not actually free. Alongside the endless wars, the creation of bioweapons that kill millions, and the highway robbery of taxpayer money, our politicians traffick, molest, and torture children. Our politicians are the Deep State. We are the head of the snake. We are not the good guys anymore, not from the world’s objective point of view anyway.

I am finally getting myself used to actually typing those words. I couldn’t do it just the other day.

This is what I and millions of others believe Trump was, is, and will be fighting. If Obama is the shadow president in the basement directing Biden, then there has to be an opposing force keeping him in check–because there is no way we would even have a country left if Obama had free reign to do as he pleased. Someone and something is holding the Deep State back. Someone and something is fighting for America.

And the people of this great nation must must must rise and do our part.

America is in need of a revival, and yes, I proudly write for this site as just one fighting American. But everything so many of us have used to justify our government’s actions over the years has been based on lies–lies propagated by that very government and its subservient media. I’ve been asking this a lot in my articles lately–why would revivalist patriots rant and rave about the corruption of the Obamas, Clintons, and Bidens of the world, but suddenly forget all of that when we find out that countries all over the world notice the same corruption and are ranting and raving themselves? Until we escape the prison of the binary trap and realize that other nations have the same agency we have in putting our politicians on blast, we will never truly understand that the devil is in the details right under our very noses, not across the globe.

People like General Michael Flynn and Elon Musk are trying to tell us that.

A new world is forming. New alliances are being forged. There is a reason this country and this world is corrupt as it’s been. Just look at the West and its never-ending malfeasance and wars. But before we do that, we must first admit that the United States–the one led by the Bushes and Obamas and Clintons and Bidens of the world–are not the good guys anymore. We haven’t been the good guys for a long time, and We the People must admit that to the point where public opinion shifts toward an outrage necessary to demand these “Americans” be held accountable for their crimes. At this point, especially with the tribal mindset so many of us are stuck in concerning Israel, that admittance to the truth doesn’t appear to be coming any time soon. But the difficult truth of the matter is that the world is sick of our shit, and it’s high time we as proud Americans get sick of it too.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.