Sunday, April 21, 2024

Trump Has Always Said “We Caught Them All.” Justice Now Depends on Us

As my colleague Scott McKay wrote in his book Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s ALL Obama, Barack Hussein is the most current, recognizable lynchpin in the pernicious rot eating away at our country. He was a Trojan Horse for the Left from the very beginning, and his lethal assault on our values and tradition did not stop with the emergence of Donald Trump as President and still have not stopped.

They’ve only intensified.

Yesterday’s latest round of revelations concerning Obamagate, or Spygate, the illegal and treasonous CIA targeting of President Donald Trump, is not news at all. It is simply the latest wave of confirmation that the conspiracy theorists have been right all along and the CIA-Mockingbird media have been working overtime to chirp their innumerable lies. Here are a couple of short clips:

As we’ll show below, much of that is nothing new, nothing “breaking” about it.

Now consider how the establishment tries to shame any truth-seeker into silence. The following are Wikipedia search results for “Spygate” and “Obamagate,” respectively. It is interesting that “Obamagate” redirects, but even more interesting is the wording used to indicate that it was Trump in the wrong all along. If you’ve been paying attention, this type of gaslighting and projection is nothing new:

How many times are we going to read or hear “baseless conspiracy theory” before we treat the very phrase as irrefutable proof of the claim’s veracity?

The Wikipedia article is one reason why so many Americans are still in the dark about this story and so many seemingly disconnected ones. It is simply a lie. The evidence-based truth has been covered at intermittent points for years now, and the two videos above are mere examples of this latest wave of exposure.

I have made the assertion about “waves” before, specifically with two topics–the insidious evil going on with the children, crystallized in the single recognizable word “Epstein,” and the 2020 election steal from Trump. I have been contending–and this week’s new round of “news” does nothing to make me retract it–that while the globalists work through Obama to destroy America, there is a greater force fighting against them, keeping them in check, maneuvering themselves to get the American people to wake up. This has been suggested to me–and I say “I” and “me” in fairness because I know this theory is not necessarily shared by all my fellow writers–through the rounds, the waves, the cycles of information transfer to the American people. “News” like Epstein and the 2020 steal and now with Obamagate have come and gone before, and they’ve been dribbled out this year at a manageable pace for public consumption. And each time, a new swath of truth-seeking Americans start talking about it all, suddenly now ready and willing to swallow the red-pill of the following two things:

  1. The content of the story itself (obvious)
  2. The swiftness with which Mockingbird attempts to move past the story, or the manipulation they employ to run cover for those in question (less obvious, but probably more important because it can be applied to the current story and all others, thus connecting them all, including our enemies)

All the while they continue to pile attack after attack on top of one man for doing nothing wrong at all.

The two-tier system of justice in America becomes ever-apparent every time a story like this comes back from the depths–largely because Mockingbird’s reaction to it is always the same.

In my estimation, this is what ALL of this shadow, information, spiritual war is about–it is about waking up enough people to sway the court of public opinion and rev us up to actually fight for the freedom we claim we covet so badly, to demand, beyond mere words over a beer on a Friday night or a cursory prayer or two, the just retribution these scumbag traitors deserve.

Barack Obama is NOTHING like he presents.

Biden is the funny cartoon mascot for the Deep State evil, a front for Obama’s illegal third (or fourth, in McKay’s mind) presidential term. Trump is a wrecking ball symbol of what it means to fight against the Deep State, to get the engine going. He is giving and has always given us reason to hope, to drive toward a new vision for this country.

Here is a video of Trump speaking about the treason when he was still President.

“We have it documented, we have it in texts, we have it in all sorts of forms. They knew about it…. This was a set-up…. It’s the political crime of the century… and they’ve been caught. So let’s see what happens to them all.”

Here is Trump in a 2020 interview on 60 Minutes where Leslie Stahl pretends she doesn’t know what’s going on.

Here is a post Trump re-truthed back in 2018.

Here are two of my/The Hayride’s articles from June 2022 that directly relate to this historic conspiracy, along with a snippet to follow. (Don’t be turned away by the seeming disconnection of the headlines).

Like Him or Not, Elon Musk is Injecting Important Trial into American Conversation (May 2022)

Trump, the Sussmann Verdict, and the ‘What Now’ (June 2022)

Trump has been calling attention to this and these types of realities since long before his announcement to run for the presidency in 2015. While many will say he didn’t do enough as President to rectify the problems he knew were there, there are still many others who feel that Trump was and is doing his best to expose the corruption to Americans themselves so that they can fight for what they hold dear, so that they themselves can join the revolution and revival of our nation.

If Trump is who I think he is, he and others are seeking a long-term solution to this corruption and criminality that has rotted America from within. And it will simply mean more to us if we join the fray instead of standing by idly and dumbly on the sidelines.

We the People must continue to rise up.

The court of public opinion is paramount. Before the bigger fish are fried, still more Americans must see point blank exactly how deep the DC swamp goes, how far its tentacles reach.

And here’s one more bit of analysis from August 2022. Is it out of the question to believe that the raid on Mar-a-Lago two years ago had to do with the FBI trying to run cover for Obama and his minions, to find that damning evidence Trump legally had in his possession?

In the never-ending comedy act that is America’s justice system, the FBI has raided President Donald Trump‘s home in Mar-a-Lago in an enormous act of misconduct.

It is a tragedy, yes. This type of maneuver has become the norm of the Left and flies directly in the face, as it always does, of the notion that America is still in any way a proud republic.

It is also humorous, though, because this type of witch hunt against Trump has proven futile many times before. From impeachment hoax #1 to impeachment hoax #2 to the latest in the January 6 political farce, the Left seem to have at their disposal a bag of never-ending claims that they’ve finally “gotten” Trump.

I know some don’t share my sentiment, but personally, I am not concerned in the least about this latest development. Everyone on the Left and in the corporate media will overreact, the Left–and by extension, the Deep State–will fall on their face exposing themselves for what they are yet again, and best of all, yet more and more Americans will wake up to the truth of what has been going on beneath our very noses for many decades.

Every time this happens there are more people coming to their senses.

The public perception of this unprecedented bombardment by the FBI of a US President’s private home will serve to turn Americans against the current administration even more intensely. Americans will not believe the statement that the White House had no idea about this FBI raid. Americans will make the simple interpretation that the FBI has been weaponized, and that if it can be weaponized against a President, it can be weaponized against them. Everything the Left once (and still do) accused Trump of–particularly being a fAsCIisT diCtAtOR!!!–is boomeranging right back in their faces.

More of the same, of course, has been occurring in trying to keep Trump off the 2024 ballot, which we covered in “Smile, Because the Colorado Ruling is Another Win for America First” and “These People Can’t Be That Stupid. Wait…”

Why do I provide so much contextual material? Because it is also a belief of mine that recognizing the patterns of recent history is even more important that micro-analyzing the news stories as they come. I believe the aerial view, or seeing the forest from the trees sometimes, is paramount to understanding and action.

Trump always wins. Even when it seems he is losing. And everything that Obama and the Deep State have done to him and continue to do to him will boomerang back. And the more waves of truth come, the more and more confused Americans will finally have had enough. The only way for true justice to come when Trump is back in office is if the consent of the governed makes it happen, and the only way the will of the people can grow is over time, which is why you see these stories going through cycles of comings and goings away.

Any high ranking apparatus with access to the political discourse happening as we speak all over social media can see and analyze the data to monitor where that consent and will is. They see our posts. They see our shares. They see what the general climate is on the electronic battlefield. The war of information is real, just different than what we’re used to thinking of as “war,” and from the patriots’ perspective, it is being waged to accelerate the public mandate in the direction of justice. People in unison, not just the number we are at now, must demand a radical change in government and media–and they are being given every opportunity with the cyclical returns of these stories. It is incumbent upon all Americans, all citizen soldiers, to take up their arms and spread truth to whatever circles they can. Otherwise the coup on President Trump then and the one coming in the future will succeed.

And if that happens, the coup against the person Trump is pointing at in that picture will succeed as well.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.