Friday, April 19, 2024
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FLORIDA SHERIFF: Violent Illegal Immigrants Already Here

In Palm Beach County, Florida, three illegal immigrants forced a woman into a vehicle this month and sexually battered her. 

Fortunately, the victim escaped and flagged down a passerby to rescue her.

This is according to the West Palm Beach-based WPTVwhich reported that the three illegal immigrants came to the United States from Guatemala.

An irate Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw held a press conference and warned that what happens at the Mexican border now affects even South Florida. 

“I have been in law enforcement for 52 years. This is the worst I have seen it. It is unconscionable that the federal government has let this happen. These idiots in Washington, D.C. need to close this border,” Bradshaw said.

“If you have a leak in your house and water is going all over the place, then you don’t grab a bucket and start cleaning it up. You turn the water off and then you stop the leak first. In order for this mess to get cleaned up, they have to stop what is coming across this border. It can be done.”

Bradshaw, citing intelligence reports, said the most dangerous gangs in the world came from Venezuela and are already in Miami.

“They make MS-13 look like schoolkids. They’re not just going to stay in Miami,” Bradshaw said.

Eventually, Bradshaw said that his and other law enforcement agencies are “going to have to deal with them,” especially illegals who are gang or drug cartel members. 

Bradshaw urged people “not to be complacent” and to report any and all suspicious activities. 

“The federal government has put the American people in jeopardy,” Bradshaw said. 

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden apologized to the illegal immigrant who killed college student Laken Riley. Riley died in in Athens, Georgia. Biden believed he offended the illegal immigrant during this year’s State of the Union address….by referring to the illegal immigrant as…wait for it…an illegal immigrant. 

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