Friday, April 19, 2024

Joe Biden Just Apologized to Laken Riley’s Killer

This weekend, Joe Biden apologized to the illegal immigrant who killed Laken Riley…for calling him an illegal.  

And I literally just felt my blood pressure go up. 

Biden mispronouncing Laken Riley’s name during a State of the Union speech was bad enough (and, to the best of my knowledge, he still hasn’t apologized for that). But to actually apologize to the man who bludgeoned her skull is just plain sick. 

What I am feeling right now is a visceral kind of rage. I’m thinking emotionally and not logically. Profanities and other ugly thoughts I dare not express here fill my thoughts. 

For most of my life, I’ve had to show tremendous patience with a lot of people for a lot of unacceptable behavior. Patience for me is a learned virtue. 

But patience only lasts so long.

Other presidents and politicians have said and done things to pi$$ me off. But never to the extent that Biden does. Every day he and members of his cabinet find new ways to insult my most precious and long-held beliefs. Every day they lecture me and other honest and hard-working Americans that we are what’s wrong with America. Then they tell us to move aside and/or get with the times. 

Because of Biden, my groceries cost twice as much. Because of Biden, my tax dollars subsidize illegal immigrants. Biden and his minions move heaven and Earth to carry as many of those illegals as they can across the U.S. southern border, all to (a) get more voters for his party (b) create an even larger permanent underclass on top of the one he and his party have already made and (c) change American culture and remake Western Civilization into something completely different from what the Founding Fathers intended. 

This is evil. 

I try to logically assess a situation before I let my emotions take over. I usually succeed. Most people aren’t like that. So if I’m this pi$$ed off then what is the rest of conservative America thinking and feeling right now? 

Two weeks ago, I watched the pure unvarnished rage that people on the right displayed toward Athens, Georgia Mayor Kelly Girtz. Mayor Girtz, of course, enabled the Sanctuary City policies that got Laken Riley killed. I said the right is done playing nice with the left. I’m more convinced of that than ever. 

And if Biden — the same president who promised to unify America on the day he took office — wants to keep poking the bear then let him. He can stand on a stage with a look of utter bewilderment as enraged Americans disrupt his campaign speeches and yell at him so loud their voices go hoarse. 

The right’s collective blood pressure is too high right now, and it’s past time for us vent and to blow off some steam….peacefully, of course.

But we can still yell at the top of our lungs, right?

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