Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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BILL MAHER: ‘For pedophiles in Hollywood, it’s a small world after all.’

There was a time when Bill Maher was the most hateful and obnoxious leftist on television.

Now, Maher is (sometimes) the sanest person in the room. Age and maturity can improve a man. Maher (again, only sometimes) articulates conservative points of view far more eloquently than even the most successful or popular right-leaning influencers.  

Case in point: what Maher said Friday night on his weekly Real Time series about the new documentary Quiet on the Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV. The latter series is currently available on the MAX app. The trailer is available here

To summarize, the adults in charge of various Nickelodeon television shows in the late 90s and early 2000s tormented child actors mentally, physically, and even sexually. Some of those stars, like Amanda Bynes, joined a long list of child actors from previous generations who were talented but grew up and morphed into dysfunctional adults with very serious personal and legal problems. 

Nickelodeon, Maher said, “was not a studio, it was Neverland Ranch with Kraft Services.” 

Nickelodeon dialog coach Brian Peck, for instance, served 16 months in prison for molesting Drake Bell, a well-known child actor. 

Maher’s commentary didn’t just single out Nickelodeon.

“It must be pointed out that when the evil governor of Florida was saying the exact same thing about kids and creepy stuff at Disney that liberals now find intolerable at Nickelodeon, he was dismissed as a hick and a bigot,” Maher said. 

“But why would a kids’ content factory like Disney be all that different than the one at Nickelodeon?”

Maher reminded viewers that a teenage Britney Spears began her career at Disney. On Instagram, Spears is a trainwreck. Her online content SCREAMS drug abuse and/or mental illness. 

Indeed, as Maher pointed out, authorities have, in recent years, arrested at least 35 Disney employees for committing sex crimes against children. 

Peck served his 16 months in prison. And when he got out….wait for it….Disney hired him to do the same job he did at Nickelodeon.  

Maher highlighted how the showbiz industry corrupts and sexualizes children, including toddlers. And, like a cancer, the problem isn’t just confined to Hollywood.  

Now, children throughout America are subjected to drag queen story time.

“When I see a 5-year-old tipping [a drag queen] at a bar under a sign that says “It’s not gonna lick itself” do I have to pretend that’s cool in order to keep my liberal ID card? Sorry but I can’t do that,” Maher said.  

“If you want kids to be more tolerant then why don’t you have handicapped people [instead of drag queens] read them stories? Kids are more likely to encounter disabled people than drag queens in life.”

Pride Month is coming.

Quiet on the Set interviewed Drake Bell’s father. Bell suspected well in advance who and what Peck really was  — a groomer and a pedophile — and tried to put as much distance between Peck and his son as possible. Unfortunately, the powers that be at Nickelodeon told Bell’s father that Peck was a homosexual, not a pedophile, and that any suspicions he had about Peck were based on homophobia. And, as we all know, Peck got to have his way with the boy. 

As I wrote last year, Pride Month 2023 gave society’s most moral degenerates license to ramp up their grooming behavior toward children. None of the culprits ever saw the inside of a jail cell.  We can fully expect the same sick behavior, likely worse, for Pride Month 2024. 

Maher, at the end of his monologue, said this:

“Maybe we should think about giving kids a break from our culture wars for a moment….or, at least, until the election is over.”

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