Thursday, June 01, 2023

Scientists Want Vegan Zealots To Stop Pushing Their Diet Because Meat Is Good For You

Almost 1,000 scientists and academics have had enough of those annoying vegan zealots who always seem to be promoting their diet. They argue in a new paper that the health benefits of meat are simply too great to ignore.

According to the Daily Mail, the scientists and academics argue that livestock farming is too important for mankind. They accuse those who are promoting vegan and vegetarian diets of “zealotry” and that humanity should not become victims of it.

Meanwhile, the academic journal Animal Frontiers studied whether or not meat-based diets were healthy. After all, there are persistent claims that those who eat a lot of red meat tend to have poorer health outcomes.

These researchers found that red meat was not the health bogeyman that anti-meat researchers claim that it is. The paper claims that red meat consumption, combined with a healthy diet, does not lead to disease or other poor health outcomes. It seems to believe that the poor health outcomes that were blamed on red meat may have been the result of other aspects of the diet.

Despite the existence of various vegan substitutes for meat, usually made from soy, the researchers found that it was hard to replicate the nutritional content of meat. The researchers found that meat supplies B12 vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals, such as iron and zinc, and retinol.

Meanwhile, research from poorer parts of the world and those areas with low meat consumption showed some health issues. It was found that people with low meat consumption suffer from nutrient-deficient diseases such as stunted growth, wasting, and anemia.

One of the researchers pointed out that removing fresh meat and dairy from diets would harm human health. They point out that those who would suffer the most would be women, children, the elderly, and those with low incomes.

Humans were not meant to just eat plants and they definitely were not meant to eat vegetable and soy slurry that is often used to substitute for meat. We as a species have evolved to eat both plants and animals. To deny ourselves animal products takes away a valuable source of protein and other nutrients that is very important for human life. Now we have growing scientific evidence to back this up.

In September 2022, we reported on a study that showed that vegans and vegetarians were more depressed than meat eaters. This really isn’t a surprise considering that we eat steaks and they eat processed soy and vegetable slurry.

The evidence is growing. Despite the propaganda of evangelical vegans and their allies on the far-left, vegan and vegetarian diets are not the best way forward for human health and the environment. Instead, the evidence increasingly shows that the consumption of meat and animal products makes human beings healthier and leads to an overall higher quality of life.

Don’t deny your nature. Go out and have that steak tonight. Science increasingly says it’s good for you!