Friday, July 12, 2024

Reveal the Evidence, Mr. Trump. There Are No ‘Next Elections’ Left

Mr. Trump, American patriots will likely quit soon if they haven’t already. It is human nature. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice or thrice or or or

Yet another Election Day/Night of mischief this week has likely stuck a fork in many well-meaning Americans’ desire to even vote anymore. And I wouldn’t blame them. Nothing ever changes, it seems, nothing really significant. We win small battles here and there, but nothing that looks anything like justice is ever served to the enemies right here in our very own backyard.

Mr. Trump…

Two weeks ago I ran an article “Ok, Mr. Trump, But Very Soon It Will Be Time to Put Up or Shut Up” in which I voiced the plea that so many millions of Americans share: If you and the military indeed have it all, please, for God’s sake, reveal it.

Two days before the article was run, Trump himself said that his trial will be the opportunity we’ve all been waiting for–the time to release classified evidence of election fraud in the 2016 and 2020 elections. I am wondering about all the other elections, but I digress. 2020 is the elephant that can wake even more Americans up to all the other election chicaneries in the room.

Mr Trump, please, if you have the goods, deliver. If what you say is true and you don’t produce, you will have been in dereliction of your duty as President to protect the American people from invaders both domestic and foreign.

It has been my and many others’ belief that the reason Trump appeared to go so soft on the Swamp for so long is because of optics. Knowing the malicious lies the establishment media would always hurl against him, he had, over time, to make it abundantly clear that he had been doing everything absolutely by the book. He simply couldn’t tear the band-aid off too quickly, even though he may have had every right and obligation to do so. He didn’t have the political high ground the Washington establishment and its media megaphone owned. This long play game, in my mind, included going down every legal possibility there was starting in November 2020–all the while knowing the Swamp would reject it at every turn–just for a future moment when the information bomb could be dropped. That time, perhaps, is this trial.

At some point, if this theory we have protected for years now is true, that time has to come at some point soon. That bomb has to drop, or Trump will lose irrevocably an untold number of his supporters.

All of this must happen in the next several months, it seems, as the next presidential election looms. As Trump’s trial looms. As World War III looms. As the latest wave of Covid fear-porn looms.

All of the narratives seem to be converging.

And Trump is on trial in more ways than one. He is on trial with both foe and friend. He is on trial with MAGA. He is on trial with me.

The conversation on election rigging is sort of going away in some circles, I notice, even in conservative ones. I don’t understand this. If this country doesn’t fix this particular brand of evil, an issue everyone with a pulse watched happen in real time back in 2020 and in the aftermath with the media’s desperate cleanup of the lies, we are in trouble. If this nation doesn’t have free and fair elections, none of these other arguments matter. If elections aren’t changed, if the perpetrators aren’t brought to justice–to where every single American can actually watch it happen–then the Deep State vipers will always find a way to cheat and win. It won’t ever matter how many thousands or millions of ballots they have to call in from the reserves. They’ll simply print the ballots, mathematics and anomalies be damned, and they’ll have their Mockingbird foot soldiers blathering lies to American sheep who continue not to care one bit that their lives are about to be destroyed irrevocably. There probably are more awakened souls in this country than sheep, but it doesn’t matter, because we still need many more aboard in this war in order for the entirety of public opinion to shift. As a collective, simply put, we aren’t pissed off enough.

Maybe this will do it, a video showing Italian Intelligence along with the US confirming that the election was stolen from Trump. It is a story based in Italy that I and many others followed back in 2020-21, one that the corrupt media establishment worked overtime to bury, of course.

But I’m sure we can trust them. They’re established, after all.

Election Day 2023, 2022, 2020, 20……………

Another article last week–on November 6 “Election” Day–highlighted X’s Elon Musk’s drawing Americans’ attention to the election rigging pandemic in this country. There were several pieces to the puzzle I provided to present a developing picture. The timing of it all was in perfect line with November 6, 2023, the latest round of election day “anomalies.” Here is a piece:

Several dots are floating. Some of it is pro-Trump. Some of it seems against the Trump narrative. But that is the point.

Let the people decide.

“That this happened is beyond a reasonable doubt,” Musk writes. “The only question is how common it is.” It is a post, clever as always, intended to be an invitation for the American public to take ownership for their part in this war. Yes, millions and millions have woken up, but we still need more boots on the ground. If you look at so many of Musk’s posts, including the one I covered in this Musk/vaccine story or the subtle mentioning of “the client list” in this one, you will see that very smart trend in his work.

Well, as Musk is clearly hinting at, all of the evidence, both concrete and circumstantial, points to it happening every single time. In addition to 2020, one need only reference 2022, with the gubernatorial race in Arizona and Kari Lake (look at all the fact-checkers out on this one!). It was very similar to the Trump-Biden dynamic, where a wildly popular candidate was “beaten” by a wildly unpopular criminal (her name is Katie Hobbs).

I’m sure the fact-checkers are right, which completely torpedoes my thesis, but just for good measure, know that just yesterday former GOP Arizona Attorney General nominee Abe Hamadeh filed a lawsuit to decertify and redo the Maricopa County election due to to machine failures that “affected tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of votes.” Kari Lake is also pictured below.

This week, there were once again discrepancies in optics and results as yet another Election Day passed having frustrated any believing American patriots left.

The Kentucky Gas Leak: Notice the results of this search. I have no problem arguing what is being called by them as “patently absurd” conspiracy theories and posting their opinion (Google, for one) on the matter. They are the enemy. If you don’t know how Mockingbird media and the algorithms of social media are set up to mind-numb us into complacency and believing any lie they spout, I’m not sure any of this will make sense. I believe, however, that readers of RVIVR know and understand.

This looks suspiciously similar to the water pipe busting in Georgia on Election Night 2020. But I get it. The Huffington Post is ordering me not to even question this gas leak or anything like it–ever–because if I do then I’m a patently absurd conspiracy theorist and I should just stop being an American and questioning the redundancy of all these miraculously timely building failures on election nights.

The extreme measures they go to with the word choice–“patently absurd”–should be a tell by now. These pejoratives are meant to shame and silence the American public from believing their own eyes.

Here’s another from Kentucky:

And here’s one more from Kentucky and Mockingbird’s handling of it, this time screenshots from an everyday American simply paying attention (boots on the ground!). In a much, much smaller way, this type of thing echoes Fox News calling the race for Biden back in 2020 with less than twenty percent of the precincts reporting.

Here’s one from Pennsylvania, one of the key swing states in the 2020 Presidential Election. In good faith, I even give you the article from Mockingbird CBS. And here is the article from maybe the most trusted independent site out there, The Gateway Pundit.

Now note the clean-up on aisle 23 in wake of this potentially damning information. So quick to the mess! So quick to silence dissent!

See the anomalies. Note the desperation in the clean-up from the establishment media.

Connect the dots.

Here is a point made by a citizen digital soldier concerning Pennsylvania:

Here’s one from Montana, not as illustrative, but still, at what point do all the anomalies become mathematically impossible?

And finally, as least where my admittedly incomplete presentation of Election Day 2023 is concerned, here is truth-teller Jesse Watters’ take on the matter. Too bad he works for Fox News. I see him going in the way of Tucker Carlson eventually. The entire establishment media monster will be blown to smithereens.

It’s Election Day in an off year, but there’s a lot of action on the local level, Plus it gives them a dry run when no one’s watching for the presidential. Are you confident the election is going to be safe and secure? I’m confident that it’s going to be that way in Florida because they have voter I.D., no harvesting, they count the votes ahead of time, and they give you the results that night. But we need confidence in every state or else we lose faith when there’s fraud and yes, there will be voter fraud. It needs to be investigated, invalidated and prosecuted. 

Calling on Mr. Trump Again…

Donald Trump won in 2020. We are almost at the end of our four years in purgatory witnessing first hand what will happen if Americans everywhere don’t start prioritizing God, education, and hard work over the fleeting, vain pleasures and entertainments with which our enemies distract us. Yes, before the 2020 election, hardly anyone knew the magnitude of voter fraud and how rigged the system is, even though Trump was trying to tell us the whole time. Unfortunately, too many of us are absorbed in incredibly unimportant things, and we have to be shown the truth rather than be told it. 2020 was the spotlight and the last few “minor” elections since have been waking more and more people up. But the thing is this: It is one thing to wake up and desire change; it is another thing entirely to wake up and continue to hope when the system continues to fail us and not a single shred of justice is ever served.

People will quit if they haven’t already. We as Americans, Trump supporters or not, had better hope he has the goods and undeniable evidence as he says he does, and we’d better hope he means it when he says it’s coming. That would mean that every single American will be watching the steal when it happens yet again in 2024, and maybe then we will get pissed off enough as a collective for the court of public opinion to finally shift past the tipping point.

What will happen if it’s not true is that the awakened will just go right back to sleep, the boots on the ground will diminish, patriots will stop voting if they haven’t already, 2024 will go to someone like Joe Biden or Big Mike Obama, and America will be lost forever. If ever there was a time to get behind a candidate, it is now. There is no next election. The man may hold absolutely no Trump card whatsoever, but the alternative is equally dire, for there is no other Republican candidate who has shown they can fix this.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well after all, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.