Sunday, April 21, 2024

INFORMATION WAR: Detailed Paper Trail from Communist China to Biden

Americans nationwide know it already. They know about the Biden family’s criminal activity and treasonous connections to foreign entities. They know about China, Ukraine, and perhaps to a lesser degree Russia.

These are all stories we have covered for years now while Joe Biden and the Deep State he represents trip along with relative impunity, while Donald Trump is accused and attacked for everything just shy of the Kennedy assassination. It is the story of how corrupt US bureaucrats and oligarchs have laundered money in exchange for policy decisions and state secrets since time immemorial, and is why so many of us have been beating the drum on no more foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel.


Let’s Talk Ukraine and Billions of Dirty Bucks (2022)

The (Not New Scoop) on Biden and China to Share with Your Liberal Pals (2022)

Here’s a clip from that “Not New Scoop” article from, yes, way back in 2022.

This past Monday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson allotted much of his show to exposing the dots connecting Biden’s lucrative dealings with China and the administration’s policy decisions that are debilitating the country he poses to lead while proving frighteningly advantageous for China.

Joe Biden could very well be the greatest traitor in all of American history. This is not unnecessary exaggeration.

Yes, sweet old man Joe that you simply can’t be upset with when compared to orange-man-bad-mean-tweeter.

That guy.

Among many other things, here is one thing Carlson said:

“The real story is not that Hunter Biden is a crack head who liked prostitutes and underage girls, although that appears to be very true and law enforcement should look into it. The real story is that the Biden family was getting rich from business with our enemies. They were selling access to the US government to China, and that is a crime.”

If it wasn’t new scoop in 2022, it certainly isn’t now. And this in a nutshell is what can make this information war so maddening at times–people wake up to the truth in incremental waves. For some, this article right here, right now may be the first time they ever hear of the nefarious connection between Joe Biden and Communist China.

–While those who know must wait patiently for the court of public opinion to shift enough to make any headway in the form of justice. It is why we must remain patient and continue to fight the war by spreading information far and wide–no matter how old and stale it may seem.

The latest wave of informational ammunition comes from the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. It has examined Biden’s blatant abuse of his public office, and the results are as damning as expected. Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL)  outlines the money trail from CEFC China Energy, which followed a not-so-circuitous path to Biden himself.

In a nutshell, money went from the CCP to a Hunter Biden bank account to a James Biden bank account and was eventually withdrawn by one Sara Biden.

There is only one more rung on the ladder.

See some additional short videos and screenshots here, including James Biden stating that Chairman Ye was prepared to execute the deal with Monkey Island in Louisiana. Here is a repost from Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA):

The paper trail has made clear what honest folk already know: The United States government is infiltrated and compromised and it will take a power equal to the task to destroy it.

The Committee’s findings are explicit and, if it were Trump-fashioned justice, would be cause for incessant verbal abuse and damnation on every Mockingbird media outlet out there. Of course, anyone should be able to recognize the two-tier system of justice in America. They should also be able to recognize that any true justice for these enemies of America is not going to come until the right people are in office again and, most importantly, until the court of public opinion is ready for it.

And in my opinion that is the whole point of this.

Enough Americans have known for quite some time that the Bidens are guilty. This is absolutely nothing new, nothing blockbuster, nothing notable of a headline anymore. Yes, they all should have met their day of justice a long time ago, but it has become obvious that they are not–not right now. At this point so late in the game now three years into a nightmarish scenario the American public was forced to experience and see (and not just be told), it doesn’t make political sense to prosecute anymore. With the 2024 Presidential Election mere months away, it seems to be a better scenario for the stark contrasts in America’s two-tier system of justice to grow ever starker, because truly the way to winning this war is not taking out Biden or his corrupt family directly.

The path to victory is summoning the remaining millions of Americans necessary to tip the balance from overall apathy to overwhelming belief, to finally have opened enough eyes that the demand for justice cannot be ignored anymore. Trump didn’t have that kind of power with the People the first time. The Swamp’s never-ending onslaught of him while Americans just casually watched is evidence of that. He still doesn’t have that power, not right now in March. But over the next several months, it is a good guess that the new president and his administration will get it. It is a good guess that the information war will continue to rage, that a barrage of stories too incontestable to ignore will finally–will hopefully–capture America’s attention enough to make justice easy.

They shouldn’t impeach this pathetic caricature of the Deep State, not at this point anymore. Just continue to expose him and all the other cockroaches even more over the coming months and let the contrast deepen in the eyes of all Americans.

Perhaps the only reason to impeach would be to see which Republicans tuck tail and run.

But no, let the thirst for justice brew. Let the remaining necessary citizenry see it. Let them taste it. Let them stew over it. That might be the smartest play here.

Perhaps this is why enemies inside America insist on misleading us this week about the recent use of the word “bloodbath” by Trump in a recent speech. Perhaps they are attempting to get ahead of the story, narrative seeding the American public to believe that Trump and his new government will be going scorched earth on traitors and pedophile-occultists if he regains the White House. What these enemies don’t understand is that such narrative seeding isn’t making the American public take caution at this stage of the war–it is only making them want even more whatever bloodbath might ensue.

May these heathens repent before the time of mercy has run out, and may all of us repent and have faith in the one true King as both the light and the darkness grow around us.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.