Friday, May 24, 2024

Anti-S_______ Awareness, and the Growing Awareness of Americans toward I_____

I love the Jewish people. That is the command given to me by the Man I worship every day, the Man crucified many centuries ago at Golgatha, a spot just outside Jerusalem.

But once again the American people are being forced to choose between things they shouldn’t have to choose between.

All Jews are not the same.

Uniparty baby HR 6090 has passed the House, saying something or other about anti-Semetism (I always spell that wrong), one of society’s many lame pejoratives created only to shut people up. The measure passed 320-91. Twenty-one Republicans and 70 Democrats voted against it. This is simply a continuation of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) and the The US-National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism, which lists several groups besides Jews on page 1 as being under this umbrella, but you’d be looking for eternity if you were looking for anything mentioning anti-Christian. Perhaps we fall in the dignified “and so many others” category.

At this point the mere attempt to eliminate a voice or the truth should say something about what exactly is being protected from the truth, not to mention everything that must therefore mean. We’ve come a long way since 2020 and even 2022.

I think it was Voltaire, but Google tells me that it may not have been him, who said, “To learn who rules over you, simply look to those you cannot criticize.” I’m not a Voltaire fan, or a Google fan, but at the end of the day the quote still stands true.

This bill appears to be terrible for American patriots and true Christians alike–and it is. But much like Good Friday, it is my hope that the righteous anger and fight for nation and faith that will arise from this will be the Easter Sunday to follow. The American people are being given yet another chance to see for themselves how the Saul Alinsky tactic of divide and conquer, of preying on people’s tribal instincts, has been a part of the Deep State playbook for many decades.

It’s the Streisand Effect. It’s the Overton Window moving in the right direction.

It is a good guess that this bill is going to infuriate a whole lot more people who have been sitting on the sidelines, red pilling everyday Americans of all walks of life who value free speech. It has to get passed the Senate and the Resident’s desk, but even if it does, unless the Supreme Court judges are bought off too, it will likely die in court.

And if it doesn’t we’ll know for sure about the judges too.

Sometimes you have to show people the darkness–sometimes they have to walk through it–in order to see the light. Trump and other conspiracy theorists have been telling us much of this stuff for years. But we’d rather pay attention to sports and circuses (guilty).

So now we are being forced to experience it. We are in the middle of show instead of tell.

The Deep State and Their Playbook

There is a Deep State element inside most every country, if not all of them. The globalists’ tentacles reach far, wide, and deep, and America’s association with Israel is no different. We are seeing that in George Soros funding these “protests” that include a few preyed-upon dumb kids and a whole lot of paid-for actors and illegals. More and more people have been coming to the truth between facets of Judaism and there needed to be a distraction. Insert “protests.” Insert “antisemetism bill.”

There are a lot of things out there about Mossad and Epstein and Maxwell and all sorts of things I typically write about, things I’ve purposely chosen to avoid, simply because it isn’t time. Frankly, there would absolutely be an audience for it. There are a lot of researchers out there studying Israel, its behavior both now and in the past.

Prudence has kept me skirting the edges of the truth about the US’s Middle East ally. My first salvo at Israel itself, though not the first concerning the military industrial complex as a whole, came at the end of 2024 with a litany of perspectives meant to get readers thinking about the possibilities involved in the Middle East. Namely, that in addition to our more obvious enemies in the Muslim terrorists, were “allies” hiding behind the sheepskin of religious immunity, perhaps much like the Roman Catholic Church once enjoyed. Breaking people’s cognitive dissonance with all of this, not to mention my own, is not an easy thing to do.

Here are those articles that provide more context for HR 6090 and the awakening of a country to a more nuanced truth:


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The Lie Is Happening Now. Let’s Not Wait (Yet Again) to Look Back to See It (Oct 12)

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Tucker on X: So Much Truth on Ukraine, Israel, and Beyond (Nov 8)

Not Hard to See: Israel Defense Forces Stood Down for Hours on October 7th (Dec 28)

Forgive the lengthy list. But as was the case with my early work on Ukraine and Russia, I know I am on delicate turf with a lot of conservatives. There are people who might otherwise agree with me on all sorts of things who would also stand with Israel no matter what evidence came out. I am simply not one of those people. I think we need to look most carefully at Israel.

In the spirit of honest context, I am a Traditional Catholic Christian who lives by pre-1955 Tradition because he sees what fruits have come of the 1960s Second Vatican Council–plummeting belief in the Sacraments, plummeting church attendance, plummeting the permanence of marriage (guilty). But that Catholicism informs not only my knowledge of the Deep Church in the Vatican, but also the Deep State on the geopolitical stage, which many of you are well aware of. The two are actually one in the same, as all of us will eventually find out. I am simply an American Catholic with Acadian and Sicilian blood who condemns terrorism as grave sin no matter what–no matter what flag is waving, no matter what profile picture any Jewish friend may have on Facebook, no matter what tribal allegiance the establishment media tells me I’m supposed to follow.

Christ is my King, yes. But that does not in any way mean I hate or don’t love the teacher who taught me so much in high school, or any other Jewish person who may come across my work.

The contrast is how teenagers speak–if you don’t agree with me you hate me. It’s ridiculous. And it is exactly what they try to do when they push measures like this. It isn’t the first time. Just think about every person they’ve tried to make into a racist over the years.

Religion aside, and the fact that I believe the Messiah has come and the Jews don’t aside (that is a fact! that is not anti-Jewish!), if we don’t speak truth on a strictly geopolitical stage, who will? The Republicans in Congress certainly won’t. If we don’t challenge the all-too-distinct lines of “this flag equates to evil and that flag equates to good”–while not ever acknowledging the numerous Christians being executed by both Muslims and Jews (yes you read that correctly)–then what are we doing in the truth movement? How are we at all loving our neighbor if we don’t speak out against evil, regardless of its colors?

Hardly anyone in DC is doing that. Hardly anyone. And that includes folks I have tried to defend.


Tucker Carlson’s Latest Stirs Controversy, And Why It Shouldn’t (Apr 11)

The Answer for Israel-Iran Is the Same As It’s Long Been (Apr 14)

Important That Christians, In Their Effort to Be Christians, Not Forget About Christians (Apr 18)

Yes, Sheer Absurdity Has Woken Up a Nation. Now What? (Apr 19)

Here is a passage from the April 11 article above. If you read none of my other contextual perspectives, perhaps this excerpt can paint a decent enough picture. Part of the rat everyone should be smelling with this bill, among numerous other things, is that this type of measure is never taken, nor is any conversation ever embraced, concerning the slaughter of Christians all over the world–including in Gaza.

In this case, Carlson presented a side of the story not often talked about–the persecution of Christians. It is something I and I’m sure many others do as they decide on one of the many stories they could present on any given day–what can I present to my readers today that maybe the world needs in its bank of knowledge and discourse? In this case, perhaps Carlson saw a gap in the discourse. We have gotten an influx of stories concerning Muslims and Jews over the last couple decades, but have we explored other realities that Christians must face? Truth is truth is truth, and if there is a side to the story not being told and a side to the story being used as propaganda over and over again, a responsible journalist will venture into the new ground every time….

The truth is the truth. The story Carlson released is a reality that does not stop here with Palestine and Israel. It is a reality that all Christians have to experience, that their churches and statues and general faith is scorched and burned to the ground while the media machine ignores it. Spotlighting Christian hate should not subtract in any way a Jew’s or a Muslim’s experience in this life, nor does it subtract from the absolutely evil things terrorists have done in this world. That includes Israel. That includes Palestine. That includes Ukraine. That includes Russia.

That includes America.

We are learning that even in all of these cases–the above interview with the pastor included–there are so many more layers of the truth beyond the simple tribal binary. Carlson’s exploration of one religious man’s experience does not at all ignore Muslims and Jews, but that is the false dichotomy Loomer is setting up here. It is exactly the foundation Mockingbird has set for us for decades on the Left. Pit dog against dog in a cage and invite the ensuing carnage. As one social media commentator stated it, such reaction to the Carlson interview is like featuring a cake recipe and being accused of ignoring pies.

Whatever Israel’s (and every nuance inside what “Israel” is defined by) attitude is toward Christians is the truth. It’s one piece of it. And if truth is there, it has the dignity of being shared, no matter what it flies in the face of concerning one’s personal beliefs or experiences….

When members of a society tuck themselves away inside the comfort and safety of their respective tribes, they make themselves susceptible and frighteningly willing to protect any sort of lie. That includes myself, and I invite everyone to try seeing it this way. It doesn’t remove the conviction and faith you hold; it only makes that faith and conviction more honest.

HR 6090 doesn’t do any of that. In fact, it moves America even more in the direction of cancelling nuance, history, and truth entirely. Granted, this abomination of a legislative bill likely won’t pass the sniff test in a Supreme Court ruling, much as we predicted with the Colorado and Maine witch-hunts on Trump, but the mere fact that our elected officials are taking money from Israeli lobby groups and working to pass such legislation should have every American–Christian or not–shouting foul from the rooftops. Certainly this Congresswoman from California, Sara Jacobs, speaks to that. And just because I might happen to disagree with a lot of things Jacobs says–namely because she’s a Democrat–doesn’t disqualify her from having my ear when she is speaking truth. As I’ve said recently, we had better start celebrating objective truth over the shiny pretty people we always agree with:

Great Awakening Means Connecting Dots

May we consider the fact that not all Jews support the Israeli government, not by a long shot. May we be aware of how many want Netanyahu out. May we hear what Trump is actually saying when he supports Israel but condemns Prime Minister Netanyahu’s handling of the October 7 terrorist attack. It is equivalent to practically all of us saying we support America while condemning the Bidens, Obamas, Bushes, and perhaps even Trumps of the world. Trump speaks and posts in double entendres all the time. He is telling us something. But we are so trapped in our tribalism, some of us, that we can understand a concept fully one minute and not be able to apply it to the next. And we’re better than that. Jews who don’t agree with their government’s actions deserve better than that.

Much of my work listed is about spotlighting this–that elements inside Israel and their involvement in October 7 are not what Mockingbird media has presented. But this stuff takes time to read and digest and process, perhaps even to disagree respectfully in the end, instead of just choosing a side because Fox News told us to.

Believe it or not, the Jacobs post is largely the temperature (perhaps a little hotter at times!) in the online public square if you search for “HR 6090” and “Antisemitism Awareness,” both trending on X. It was encouraging to see the heat, because it shows the latest evidence that millions more are awake than there were in 2020. And what’s more, is that it’s, dare I say, cool to speak up and out for the truth now. The momentum of the truth movement can give us wings.

In the end, I believe we will see the Streisand Effect play out, as it has been playing out in many other areas of the information war. The Overton Window has been moving and will continue to move. Embrace the anger. Allow the passion its voice. That’s the whole point to this, I believe–to make Americans (Jews included) see the truth, truth that goes back decades and centuries. This bill will, with little question, have the exact opposite effect intended, just like the numerous witch-hunts on Trump. In addition to strengthening the resolve among American patriots and true Christians who defend Christ as King and Messiah, this bill will now enflame inquiry into its contents and motivations–a consequence that can no longer be avoided by pundits, citizens, and sleepers alike.

I leave you with this, the TrackAIPAC page on X. You may have to scroll down just a bit, but it is interesting. It is a tracker of what our public officials are raking in from Israel, hiding behind a lobby group status that avoids distinction as foreign interference. And it ain’t just Adam Schiff and the Democrats on the list, my friends.

It is not anti-Semetic to raise these questions to the officials we elected to lead us. It should be American, is what it should be.

May everyone named directly or referenced indirectly ask forgiveness and do penance for their sins against America and God. I fight this information war in the spirit of justice and love for the innocent, but I have been reminded of the need for mercy and prayers for our enemies. I am a sinner in need of redemption as well, for my sins are many. In the words of Jesus Christ himself, Lord forgive us all, for we know not what we do.